Sunday, November 06, 2005

before the game

I feel that I should say this before the big game tomorrow. Manyoo against Chelsea. The odds don't look good, but...

There is a question which pisses me off above all. Everytime Manyoo goes through a slum, all those random Group 2 football fans ask me, 'Eh Vincent, what's wrong with Manyoo ar?'

FUCK OFF. Don't blinking disturb me. I am usually in a bad mood when they lose so don't ask me retarded inane questions and expect me to give you a detailed analysis when you probably won't have a blinking clue what I am talking about.

But still, my prediction tomorrow..1-0 to CAPTAIN Park. Although, I sincerely believe that Rooney should be made captain.

So what's wrong with Man.UTD ah ? XD

I will say it's a draw , even though any hardcore Chelski and Man Lian fans want a 3 points at all cost .


so what do you call a girl who's watched footie since she was 8, who has a better idea of the game than the average football-watching woman, but definitely not enough to be called a "real" fan in the eyes of male football enthusiasts?

i dun wanna predict anything, in case i jinx them or something. and yeah. captain park. anyone other than "how much is he paid again?" ferdinand will do, thanks.


lishun : Hahaha. I have been whacked on the head many a time for my Group2 concept.

manyoo1- 0chelsea on 1st half

ok byebye!!!


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