Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Contrary to popular belief, I have been keeping quite busy these days. No, I haven't been sitting in front of the computer or the TV all day. In fact, I was looking at the front page of this blog earlier and I scrolled down to click on the site counter. The last 5 articles were shorter than the sidebar...something that has NEVER happened on this blog before. (In case you are a little slow in the head, short articles mean that I don't have the time to blog long assed articles)

Anyhows, I have been working part time making some money and putting my now rusty engineering skills to use while applying for jobs at the same time. Its been a good one month since I got back, and a good two weeks since I sent out my first batch of applications. Boy, time does fly. Now, being 'umemployed' means that you keep thinking of ways to make money.

Sidenote, since it just popped into my head. Can somebody fucking humour me...why the FUCK do some employers want to know your blinking SPM results even though you already have a pre-u, a diploma, a degree and a masters? What's the blinking relevance of SPM after all that?

Anyway, back to where I was...I had a bloody good idea last night. The thing with awesome ideas is that they come pouring in once you open the floodgates. I was so excited about it that I stayed up until 3am writing down all my ideas even though I had to go to work at 8 o'clock this morning. Of course, with businesses, nothing is certain but by my rough calculations I COULD easily make my first million before I turn 24.

I slept over the idea and when morning came, realisation hit. I pondered over the idea again while on the Great Throne and again over breakfast. Too many what if's. Too many uncertainties. Too many variables. With the spoon in my hand I kept thinking about my 'great idea' when Tony the Tiger popped out from the box of Frosties in front of me. He seemed to growl, "An idea will remain an idea until you put it to work."

So, great, I thought. It would be cool, no? I'll be one of them young entrepreneurs. The next Richard Branson maybe. I am jobless, no? My idea doesn't require much capital to start with..just a couple of thousand bucks, nothing 21 years worth of Chinese New Year angpows can't cover. I'll start doing some research once I get back from work, I thought.

And then, after breakfast, I took a shower and started thinking again. What if nobody wants to buy my idea? What if I go about doing my project half way and somebody offers me a job? What if the business goes well for a while and I pour in more money.....and suddenly lose everything? And after that, who wants to employ an engineer who hasn't been doing anything related since he graduated?

What if all this is just as waste of time? What if subconciously I am being lazy and just don't want to really start working? And more importantly, from now till the time the project goes ahead, where do I get money from? Sticking out my hand and asking my parents for money is something I have stopped doing since I started my part time job. I do not intend to start again.

As I picked up my razor and started squeezing out shaving foam onto my hand, I remembered an advice I heard, "You are young. If you fall, you can pick yourself up." Should I go for it? Or should I dismiss it as a daydream...a mere fantasy?

Decisions. Decisions used to be simple. What should I have for dinner? What movie should I take her to watch? Somehow, they don't seem that simple anymore. A wrong decision now doesn't just cause an upset stomach or a boring date. A wrong decision these days mean I would have to wonder where my next paycheck comes from.

I stare at the mirror and start shaving away. The reflection stares back at me. He seems to be saying, "Welcome to the real world, Vincent."


Perhaps get the opinions of the significant people in your life... You'll gain more perspectives to make a choice... I know, "the real world" sucks..

tiuniama....good ideas are hard enough to find, go for it.

Bloody develop the idea, think of how it'll suit the target market, who and how you'll sell it to, and all that.


lainie : Thanks. I have almost the whole plan sorted out already. Now just need to pick up my balls and get it done.

i think the spm thing is to make sure you got at least a credit for bm.

boy am i glad i don't need to get out in the work force for another...4 1/2 years. gah. back to the books.


welcome to life after graduation!

The real world sucks ass doesn't it!!! I say go ahead with the plan! F*ck it, you only live once. If you don't you will always wonder what might have been! Regrets suck too!

Not that my opinion really matters but oh well! lol


The SPM thing is some fucked up arrogant requirement (usually Singaporeans or S-GLCs) to make sure that your SPM results are as good as your diploma/degree transcripts.

It's their way of judging your 'consistency'. If you didn't do well in your SPM, but did well with flying colors in your diploma/degree, they will say you're not a consistent performer, and either will not hire you or will use it against you in salary negotiation.

Some companies don't give second chances.


Gosh!! U read my mind! I was and am still looking for an answer. Ideas are meant to be put into action. Ppl around you may tell u that "Go and get urself a job 1st, for experience wise." In fact, their thoughts have been moulded by the society that you can only earn a living by securing urself a job in the workplace! Hell Yeah!!! that's not going to happen to me *cross fingers* Their advices are like stones! Who cares! Go for it dude! and wish me LUCK!

If you have ideas of starting your own business, try talk with your parent and present your idea to him.

remember that he is your primary investor. After all, Another few grands are nothing compared to the investment more than 20 years of efford and money into your life and education.

You are still young and have lots of time, start your own business now, and even if it doesn't end like what you expected to be, you got nothing to lose. You gained lots of experiences that no sitting 9-5 in the office will get.

You can trust me on this one.


i bet the reflection threw in a couple of slaps too eh? :D

go for it. really.

follow ur dreams... it ain't easy, but it ain't impossible either... ;-)

Hi Vincent,

If you're in EE/VLSI and if you're interested, my dept in Intel Penang is looking for good engineers. Send me your resume at hachuah@gmail.com if you're interested.



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