Tuesday, November 01, 2005

green tea

There's a story I have been dying to tell ever since I got back, but I am kinda lazy and busy (really) so I have decided to humour you guys with an MSN chat from many many moons ago.

Vincent : goddamn tampax..someone needs to go tell them how many ppl i educated about their products...then hopefully they gimme money haha
suanie : niama...i went to check my tampons to see what brand i use
suanie : realised no more tampons oredi
Vincent : buy tampax hahhahaaha
suanie : ahh I USE PLAYTEX! it's teh good
Vincent : never heard of it before
Vincent : (not as if i heard of a lot of brands la...haaha)
Elaine : playtex?
suanie : err or maybe wrong brand
suanie : no ar http://www.zooscape.com/dataimg/zoo0042/0/big/420313_b.jpg

the offending picture

Elaine : ooooohhh
Elaine : hehehehe...so it is tampon...but honestly...if just hear name sound like condom name lar
Elaine : playtex = playing latex
suanie : yah i had to think about the name also
Vincent : unscented?!?!?!
suanie : here in msia they dont sell scent one
Elaine : yeah some ppl are allergic to scented stuffs
Elaine : yeah some ppl are allergic to scented stuffs
Vincent : i was doing research for my article the other day
Vincent : i swear i saw a green tea scent
Vincent : mahai
Vincent : green tea!
Vincent : whats wrong with like flowers and shits....why must have green tea?
suanie : zen mah. passing a msg to the cibai
minishorts : got lah
Elaine : ooh yesss...ohhmm...passing it's calming zen effect to soothe the cibai
Vincent : hahah
minishorts : got green tea scented panty liners by kotex
Vincent : zen effect
Vincent : hahaha
Elaine : ehh? nice ar?
Vincent : someone go try and tell me
Vincent : i ll go blog about it
Elaine : vince go do more research
minishorts : how i know
Elaine : I can imagine vince going around sniffing at panty liners in the mart...woohooooo
minishorts : you take green tea leaves
minishorts : and put down there and see nice or not

Vincent : eh how much research oso...............this zen effect thing....i m not gonna be able to experience
Elaine : if panty liner can lar...you can line your underwear with it mahhhh
Vincent : its ok i dont think i wanna pass any green tea scent to those parts
Vincent : i am ok with the flower scent of lux shower gel
minishorts : maybe it helps cunnilingus kua, the male partner likes to smell green tea before he begins his tongue action
Vincent : OI! got guys cunnilungus when the girl period ar?
suanie : why not
suanie : shove in a tampon
suanie : but im not mini
Vincent : (this is bloggable material!)
minishorts : how the hell do i know i'm not a guy
Vincent : OF COURSE NO LA!
minishorts : from experience ah?
Vincent : oh no...i dont believe in pre-marital sex, remember? just like britney..

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if u all wanna know, im using Laurier...i'd NEVER EVER use kotex...hahahahahahaha

hmm just reminded me i have one more item to add to the list

*i'm allergic to perfumes and my poon is too scared of scented tampons because I used scented pantyliners once and it was.................not pretty*


i m using kotex one, purple packagine panty liner, is damn good. unscented, long and wider. and comfy..johnson & johnson one so so lah...tampon?dun think so will use that ...hardly to *poke* in...hahahaha...i even tried G-string pantyliner..tat's kewl!!


for clarification, i don't personally know anything about the shove in tampon during menses... all hear say kekeke


WTF? Wahahaha!! Haven't been into the blogsphere for a while. You know why lah..anyway..WTF? Did I actually say all those? Playing latex? Sooth the cibai?? WAHAHAHAHAAH!! OMFG!! I totally forgot bout this conversation wei..

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