Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i dunno..

I can't defend the indefensible. As much as I want to, I can't.

As much as I want to justify it, I can't. It's just wrong, the whole lot of it.

But I can say this much....

Have faith. If enough of you are sincere, if enough of you WANT to change your country, it will happen. You can't teach old dogs new tricks. You can't change people's way of life in an instant.

If you complain about corruption, and I have said it before, it is a direct result of human greed. Greed exists in every society. If corruption is a culture within organisations, the only thing you can do is wait one whole generation and hope that the new blood was instilled with enough moral conscience in school.

Things like this don't change overnight. You can't just swoop in and get rid of the crooks with a snap of your fingers. How do you run an organisation where 19 out of the 20 people are corrupted? How do you get rid and replace them in an instant? I don't know. I don't think you do. I don't think anybody knows.

And so, all we can do is change ourselves. Change our young. If you really HAVE TO bribe a cop, don't do it in front of your kid, as hypocritical as it might sound. Nothing helps when you keep saying that the system dissapoints you. Yes, it might dissapoint you, but with that attitude, nothing changes. Nothing ever will.

All I am saying is be patient. Changes take time. Years....generations, maybe. We have all grown up with it. We do our best to combat it. Things might not change in our lifetime. But look on the bright side...it might change when our kids' time comes.


yeah.... i totally know what you mean....




I agree with you on this issue. I hate hate hate it when people are so cynical about this country. It's not like the other developed nations are that great either? Change doesn't come so soon, but it begins with us.

wots worse = some ppl trying to pull religion into this (go read comments at Lim Kit Siang's post) and the media is having a field.

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