Monday, November 07, 2005

job done

Job done.

Job well done.

Now, would all the glory hunters please FUCK OFF AND DIE?

Ya know, guys say that us women turn scary after marriage (earlier?).

This is my retort: when it comes to football, you guys are way scarier!


Ah, but you see, at least you know not to disturb us every Saturday when there is a game. For you all...theres no fixed date every month when the werewolf attacks. Huhuhuhhu..

football is a waste of time. let me watch some gay ice skating..

- i'll be here all week


I am teh glory hunter *rawr*

tq ManUre 4 stopping Chelski, L'pool must win d 2 games in hand and close d gap, YAY !!!

eh why your prediction so chun but when you go to old trafford man utd lose? gah. anyway, am happy too. =)

manyoo definitely did a good job this time. but let us not get too carried away shall we? i see captions in msn such as "manyoo slays chlsea" and ppl posting up bulletins in friendster taunting chlsea players, even abt frnk lmpard's free kick! man, how lame is that?

ken : yes, those are glory hunters. you should kill and castrate them when you have the chance

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