Wednesday, November 16, 2005

lessons from the 'sphere

I am clever. It is an undisputed fact. I think I am possibly the most clever person around. So clever that when you compare my IQ to yours, you will die of shock. Simply because you will realise that compared to me, you are nothing. No, not just nothing. You.....simply cease to exist.

But then, even evil geniuses like myself can learn lessons from common people like you guys, albeit only once in a blue moon. So here I am sharing my wealth of knowledge that I picked up from other common folk around the net.

When insulting women, ALWAYS insult their looks. I never knew until yesterday that it was soo important. I went to have a look at kimcun's website, her fans called minishorts ugly. I went to minishorts' website, her fans called kimcun ugly. Quite amusing, the deranged horde of fans that exist. I think they all bluffing, both also not ugly what.

Ok, but that's not important. Important thing to learn here is that women also think that looks is important...which is something new to me because I always get berated by women who call me a shallow bastard. They usually proceed to tell me something about 'inner beauty' or some mumbo-jumbo like that which I don't really understand.

So here, we have established that in spite of all that mumbo jumbo of inner beauty, women themselves believe that greatness should be decided by looks. Which is absolutely fine by me!

I also realised that when insulting men, it is also best to insult them by making reference to a female subject. For instance, if you ask your friend to go out drinking with you and he declines, all you need to do is say, "Scared of your wife issit?" But I already knew that. What I just learned was that women also use similar tactics to insult guys.

Supposedly, as some women claim, it is funny that the wife wears the pants in the house, and hence the guy is spineless. This is an awesome new revelation. If you think about it, all those crazy feminists demand that they have equal rights and everything. So if you sit down and analyse the situation, equal rights mean that it shouldn't matter which of the pair is the dominant one in the house.

But clearly, that is not the case for women will call you spineless if you aren't the alpha male. And hence, we can surmise from all that women that are also Male Chauvenists Pigs, which again is totally fine by me!

Moral of the story : Men rule the world. God has a penis.


After reading your post , I love my penis more.........:D

HAHAHAHAHAHA... dam that was funny...

your post is getting more n more boring each day. sigh

Shallow bastard. You said my skin not nice yesterday. Haha. Eh, I dont mind wearing the pants in the relationship. Nice what.

vincent ah, beware that kimberlypukiface kidnap u and rape u on her sponsered matrimonial bed..wahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahhhahahahahaha

oi kimberlypukiface, whats ur problem? u got jilted by vincent? tell me...im a psychologist....want tangjung rambutan phone number?


pem : I am sorry if I am not able to entertain you. I am also sorry that you dont understand sarcasm. This blog is clearly not for you. Byebye.

aiyoh i wanna pangsai, always so much fightingsssssss

So clever.

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