Friday, November 11, 2005

let's console vincent

In the one and the half years of blogging, I have received numerous idiotic comments. Racist comments, flamers, spammers, stalkers.......all idiots, but I deal with it. All sorts of people misunderstand my posts all the time anyway, so it doesn't come as a shock when i get random idiotic comments.

There was one yesterday however that rates amongst the most idiotic I have ever seen. Yes my friends, even more mind boggling than this bunch. I present the famous ShaolinTiger crapping some random stuffs on my TIMTAD post the other day:

Yeah keep consoling yourself, not bad, just different.
# posted by ShaolinTiger : November 10, 2005 4:07 AM

You can say that it sounds tame and harmless, but I know sarcasm when I see it, especially when it has been repeatedly thrown in my face over the last few weeks. I tend to ignore flamers, and so I did. But this was too hilarious to let it pass.

Let me see, an Englishman trying to CONSOLE (for the lack of a better word) a Malaysian about his country? No, wait...better yet. An Englishman STAYING in Malaysia, trying to get me to console myself about a country I have been staying in since I was born?

No more sarcasm dude. No more 'class and style' with which you have been mocking me with. Just point blank to your face. Plain and simply, FUCK OFF.

And hey, while everybody's in a bashing and maybe a consoling mood, let's spare a thought to all the assholes out there who seems to love complaining about the country. When was the last time you sought to make a difference? I know I have. Every Saturday morning when everybody is fast asleep, I help change this country. That's my contribution. And you? Do you do fuck all?

My point from TIMTAD is that it was different, because it truely is. I have stayed in the UK for 3 years and it isn't bad. Neither is it much better (they are of course slightly better as developed country). The point is, there are things which are great in Malaysia that aren't fantastic there. The food for one.

But never mind the luxuries of life. Let's talk about everything we complain about all the time:

Corruption? Ever heard the story of David Blunkett and his lover's nanny's visa application? No? Read all about it!

Think that Malaysia has sucky public services? Care to venture a guess how long it takes for an ambulance in the UK to get to you if you had a concussion and keep throwing up from it? 45 FUCKING MINUTES! And how long would you have to wait if you barge into UH's emergency ward at 1am? Sure as hell NOT 1 and the half hours!

Oh, and you do like complaining about the government wasting public funds do you? Like the artificial palm trees by the road side...well, fear not my friends. Allow me to open your minds to a £70,000 piece of ROCK used to decorate the front of a hospital. Oh wait...£70,000 pounds for a piece of rock? Hmmmm, lemme think....how much money did Datuk So-and-so pocket? Oh no, that's the UK, they don't have corruption there.

And their public transport is awesome right? Yeah, very safe in fact since they have a rule that bus drivers can only drive 5 straight hours. Cool. But I would like you to tell me that it's cool if you were in the middle of somewhere and there's a ridiculous traffic jam, when your bus driver asks you to get off the freaking bus and wait by the roadside without any busstop in sight, just cause its way past his 5 hours. Oh, did I mention it was raining?

And hey, we have a very racist society, don't we? You guys always complain that they have discrimination. But you know, at least I can walk about in this country without people on the street calling me a CHINK and asking me, 'Ni Hao?' with a mocking look.

You know how those Westerners always critisized our ISA until you idiots follow along critisizing it? Would you like a sneak peek into today's news?

Oh.....do you know that the income tax there is 22% if you earn more than £2,000 a year and a whooping 40% for a income of more than £32,000 per annum? And you brainless idiots complain everytime the price of petrol goes up. Any fucking idea how much people overseas pay? Why don't you laugh your way to the bank you ungrateful gits?

So, you morons.....Malaysia doesn't suck. And despite all that stuffs I said up there, the British are proud people and I doubt you'll find a British guy saying that his country sucks because of all that. All I am saying is that things are DIFFERENT.

Somethings you can change, so strive to change it. Somethings take generations to change, so just live with it and shut your gob already.


*thumb up*
In short, no country is perfect ...


agree about UH. i went there at 1am. got in at 4 (maybe 5am), checked by an angry doctor who seems didnt get his sleep. then admitted with wrong diagnosis. luckily transferred to another GH.

wah. lau. eh.

since when did you get confrontational. eh. calm calm calm down. it's only a blog.


anonymous : You stupid ar? Agree what? I was saying the opposite thing la. Go back up and read the sentence again

wait wait wait.

you mean you ONLY change malaysia on saturdays?

what about mondays to fridays, and sundays?

eh something wrong here.


whoa, vincent....calm down. i've had my fair share of f***ers who say "malaysia sucks/home sucks/etc" and generally bashing the country and their own people. so much so i really want to slap them to their senses just so they can see the reality of it all. just chill, man. like the phrase, "first world country, third world mentality" so aptly puts it. some people will never appreciate the good around them. and don't, please don't, get me started on this.....

inevitable > it's not just countries....NOTHING is ever perfect. that's just the nature of everything. perfection is just an illusion.

anonymous > u know something? most, if not all GH nowadays are very efficient and their doctors seriously professional in dealing with their patients even at 3-fucking-am. how do i know? because i've tried the system, and i totally support it. i'm not critisizing you; i'm just saying that you were just unlucky. and one more thing - you went to UH....do you know who probably saw you? it was most likely a poor intern, not even a doctor yet, who probably REALLY hasn't slept in a few days....so i wouldn't blame him. and one more thing; u DID go to another GH, right? how was it there? so far my experiences with GHs have been very good, and i swear government healthcare is the best in the country. besides, do you know how UK's health service, NHS, supposedly the world's best health service is like? they don't bloody care if you're really sick. you make an appointment first, or fuck off and die in the street. oh, and one more thing; consultation is "free", but you have to buy your own medication at 6.50 pounds per item....do you know how much that costs if all you have is a cold? even for the average Brit, they can't afford it. so think, man. just how lucky we are.


if things are merely different, they won't need to be changed. i'll never complain about my country overseas, but at home, i'm willing to because at least it leads to some changes. and when changes are needed it's not unfair to call those issues bad.

the so-called sarcasm, to me ST was only trying to say that things are not merely "different". it's not even personal? of course, you could interpret it anyway you like but when sarcasm hurts it's likely cause it rings truth somewhere

When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticise or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home - Winston Churchill


Aww poor little Vincent got upset, he had to tell the big bad man to 'Fuck Off'.

How very eloquent indeed, I would have thought you might have learnt some rather more abrasive insults in the UK to hurl at me than that.

Want some ice-cream Vincent? Might cool you down.

Anyway I'm not going to respond to your points, because well it's easy to pick holes on the micro level, but most of us 'grown-ups' are looking at things on the macro level.

For average nobodies like you Vincent my dear boy, Malaysia is just fine, for people with drive, spirit, ambition and intellect, they go abroad, because they are stifled and held back here by the corruption and the 3rd world mentality of the people in power. I'm not saying they all go to UK, because they don't, but a lot do.

And yeah UK is fucked too, but at least if you want to be successful there's nothing to stop you, you just have to put up with crappy weather, expensive fuel and ciggarettes, a very poor national health service and Tony Blair sticking his head up the American governments arsehole.

And well I got sick of it all, I'm not one of those ambitious people, I'm a lazy fuck, so I fit right in here, in Malaysia with you little Vince.

I could write pages on how UK is great, about the good points and how it's better than Malaysia, but again that's looking at the micro level, which is petty to be frank Vincent, just like you.



its the same with malaysia in singapore.. hope you dont get too angry about the whole thing though, its not worth it. =)

for some reason cant log in to my blogger account... hmph. just to let you know my unsername is bsjj.


vincent, u really got balls to name names...just like kimberlypk.....haiz~

kimberlypk is just fowking bad!!!!!tats it!!...to take away 2 xiaxue's endorsements but gotta admit she really got balls!!!!!!


"for people with drive, spirit, ambition and intellect, they go abroad"

So in other words, Malaysians staying and working here lack all those things? No, seriously dude this argument with you is over. FUCK OFF.

Oh, and Kim, your sarcasm rings bells with me too....


There never was an argument, you completely lack any ability to argue, please don't kid yourself.

It's not over because it never started.

I never said that, I didn't say anything like that, in fact your weak attempt to manipulate my words makes you look petty and immature..AGAIN. There are people who have all of those attributes right here in Malaysia, they understand the flaws of the system and they know how to use the system. They won't say it's good or great or the best in the world, but they do understand it and they are successful.

Malaysia has many things that are better than UK, but to say it's a 'better' country is a little retarded. No, Malaysia isn't yet considered a developed country, you can't consider Malaysia as just KL. I love Malaysia, and I defend it with all my heart, but it's by no means perfect, and by most means of measuring it's not better than UK. In saying that, at present I still prefer Malaysia to UK.

You are a male version of XiaXue, you just plain don't get it, you can't see the big picture and you can't see things from other perspectives. Perhaps you should just hook up with her? You are good at asslicking and whinging like a menstrual bitch though, I'll give you that.


"in fact your weak attempt to manipulate my words makes you look petty and immature..AGAIN"

Yes, because posting photoshopped images of a girl and cumshots are very mature for a 29 year old.

"Malaysia has many things that are better than UK, but to say it's a 'better' country is a little retarded"

Hehe. Have you considered a career in journalism? Can you find a quote of me saying that Malaysia is BETTER?

You have never read my blog in the past and you'll never know (perhaps you could ask Kim, she'll tell you). See, I think debates are nice. I love debates.

But one thing I cannot do is debate with idiots. And another thing I cannot do is to debate with a FOREIGNER about MY COUNTRY.

Just because you have stayed here for a few years you think you understand us? You think you understand our way of life?

3 years in the UK is relatively long. I have loads of English friends, and yet I do not claim to understand the British way of life the same way you pretend to understand us.

You may live here for 20 years but you'll still never understand it because you didn't grow up with it. So bugger off. This argument is redundant.


Of course I can't find a quote, I'm just following your recipe of logic Vincent, by saying it's not bad, you are saying it's good, by saying it's not worse, you are saying it's better.

And actually I used to read your blog long ago, I didn't comment on anyones blogs then, that was when I thought you were a good blogger.

Hehe. Have you considered a career in journalism? Can you find a quote of me saying that I totally understand everything about Malaysia?



Yes, I have considered journalism. I predict a career change in the near future.

And yeah I KNOW I am a good blogger. I don't need you telling me that.


Oh for crying out loud Vincent, if you think the UK is so bad why the hell did you stay there to study for three years?

Probably because the local Unis suck even worse.

No country is perfect, but at least the UK has a free media, has freedom of speech and people are unafraid to speak out when they feel the government is crossing the line, unlike back home when we all shut up and take it up the arse in the face of gross injustice, corruption and nepotism.

It's up to you mate. You can go on kidding yourself believing that you are living in Utopia or you can realize that a LOT of criticisms about this country are valid and a LOT of people are unhappy that they are getting a raw deal. The stats are there to see: thousands of Malaysians don't go running off to the US, UK and Oz every year if things were all bright and dandy.

Vision 2020? Hahaha, don't make me laugh Dr M, we've got a long, long, LONG way to go.


geee... enjoy a bowl of ais kacang ler

Please note the PAST tense in the part about you being a good blogger.

And yeah different, fat people are not fat, they are different, ugly people aren't beautiful because they are different, kids fail exams not because they are stupid because they are different.

Different is just skirting the issue, avoidance, ignorance, suits you to a tee ;)



Aiyo everybody just stfu and cool it off lah.

STchaoangmoh, i'm FULL of reading ur shitty shits shits shits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pack ur bags and FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ST: The girl/people/guy can also beautiful and considered different. Don't have to see it 1 way? There are many ways to interpret 'different' and I see your point. However to me, it does not only mean the opposite of the good (or bad).

I believe what Vincent was trying to point out isn't what you think to be. Why can't something be different and not be good or bad? Say you ate something, it tastes like nasi lemak for example but it is not nasi lemak, can't you say it is different?

Everytime a blogger mentions about another country, it seems like the whole world will criticize him/her about his/her opinion and views.

Anyway, cool it. Keep an open mind.


Vincent is NOT consoling himself.
He is stating the TRUTH.
ST: Vincent IS still a brilliant blogger. He does NOT need to MARKET himself on the m'sian blogosphere.


Yeah, Vincent rock my world!


Different does not encompasses the notation of "perfect". They failed not because they were dumb, or else, I congrate you for being dumb when you were studying.

Likewise, since your wordly experience had landed you in Malaysia for 3 years, away from your country which denied you a job professional enough for your taste. I bet your pardon in your entry into Malaysia's humble land. It was probably Malaysia's fault for providing an outlet for you to improve your standards of living with a "job". Even if you are an expatriate, I thanks you for thinking you are the only one in love with Malaysia. However, what i do not see if why you are so critical with the country that you are expanding off. And no no, Ages of Civilization is only a game. Please do not be confused.

At least you can use fresh water and walk without being shot dead. At least is a comparison i used flippantly to show an extent of comparing two countries of different adaptability range in the first place. Sorry ahz...since it is only legitimate for you to be at right since everyone is wrong. I hope you will rest in peace wondering why the grass is greener on your neighbour's grave. At least his soil is alluvium.

ST, you and xiaxue will be a perfect couple. At least, someone can talk crap with you the whole day and fight with you with limited knowledge, teaching people, trying to teach people and die pissing yourself on. RIP. And btw, fuck off. <= sorry for terribly immature, i shld have use "go and copulate yourself and sodomize yourself" . It does clarify things, hor?


Hmm..Btw, i thought those little things about a country such as healthcare services, housing, food quality, transport are what stabilized a nation. Maybe not hor, ST? U are living in a tent ba? Social politics ....u are also not familiar with....must be your country's education fault...Fallacies in an arguements are so obvious and your logic are only sound in your parameters. Go and start drawing truth tables la...Like your argumentative's standard is brillant. Oh...start from the micro level hor...u need to have a fundamental base before you start flying for an hour and say that the whole whole is yours.

I cannot be bothered with appropriate phrasing with ST. My fault, i was too pissed off and that sort of resembles his elegant comments too..I am only being mature like him. Please do not blame me.


Ra: suggesting that one believes he's the only one loving this country, that he has no grasp of social politics, that he has limited knowledge and etc? you are a fallacy in your own right. never had i read such crappy rebuttal ever. here's a suggestion, cite evidence or quotes (taken out of context or not, it's up to you) before you start accusing others of things that you fantasised about. and your trouble in interpreting words does not mean your interpretation is necessarily correct (and they're not correct from what i've seen so far).

healthcare, housing, food and so on are indeed micro factors that make up a country. but it's definitely not as micro as citing a single case and using it as a representative of a micro factor. no wonder you need to start from the micro level....you don't even know what it means.

at least ST's and Vincent's argument hold water albeit slightly incomplete.


Wannabe Chinese: You have shown loyalty to no one but yourself. You may feel you are guided by logic that since you are not ambitious, it is best to stay in a "3rd world" nation but coming from a balding Englishman, there is little left to say other than fuck off.

If you thought your Satria was badly dented, watch your back.

After all, we're 3rd world people... uncivilized as we apparently are to you, who knows, you might just get chopped.

Shit happens... and to our "corrupted cops"... you're just another ignorant muthfucker dead.

Watch your mouth or watch your back bitch.


anonymous: for people like you deserving of a simple "fuck off sohai", don't generalise 3rd world people as uncivilised as yourself. hell, malaysia is not even a third world country, ethiopa, africa yes but not malaysia. you're such a stupid shame.

Aww so sweet. Gf standing up for bf. I'm touched.

anonymous: Yeah I'll watch my back because cowardly cunts like you don't have the balls to come from the front, you don't even leave a name to back-up your lame threats, OH LOOK MOMMY ANOTHER ANONYMOUS INTERNET HARDMAN!!

Bring on more personal insults please, they are really new, exciting and original *yawn*.

Yes I live in a tent under the Sunway bridge and I sell my asshole to chubby business men for RM1000 a night, good profession eh ;)

ra: your mis-use of 'big' words places you perfectly, thanks ;) BTW the water that comes from my tap is by NO definition fresh.

Anyway you are all dumbfucks and clearly don't understand anything I said, I never said Malaysia was bad, but some things are bad here, I never said UK was perfect, I could be ignorant and say things aren't bad in UK they are DIFFERENT, but I won't.


The NHS is bad, the crime rate in certain areas is bad, the tolerance for immigrants is REALLY BAD, the education level in some state schools is terrible, the rate of teenage mothers, single mothers, abuse of the benefits system, yada yada yada, it's not different ok, it's just fucking bad. Let's all focus on the micro a bit more please..zzzzz.

And if I thought Malaysia was so bad, I wouldn't be here in the first place would I?

Red Pill or Blue Pill, it's up to you ;)


whoa there guys...this is seriously turning into a bitchfight on a micro level.

seriously, the whole point is this; life in Malaysia is different from life in the UK, vice versa. i'm not saying that UK is definitely fucked, or that Malaysia is a stinkhole of corruption.

anonymous (Nov 13, 2.14am) > like kimberlycun said, PLEASE DON'T GENERALISE YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE AS BEING THIRD WORLD. do you know how fucked up that statement is? please don't cheapen yourself by calling yourself a third world citizen. and please don't cheapen the rest of us while you're at it. what you do, however, is your business. at the same time, please consider also; one ignorant mofo dead, another swinging on the gallows tree. don't waste your breath on crap like that. have some constructive argument, please.

ST > don't you just realise that the point that both Vincent and you are arguing is the same? all this is just hot air, and not just from you. and all because of a silly remark. please, just cool it.
coming back to your remark, "...for people with drive, spirit, ambition and intellect, they go abroad..." - yes, it is true. it's also true that there are people here with the same attributes who are equally as successful in Malaysia. but you talk of corruption, of the 3rd world mentality; it's just as prevalent anywhere you go. this also goes out to EVERYONE : it doesn't matter where you go, at the end of the day it's also the same. like you said, play the system, get rich, be happy. but for christ's sake, why doesn't anyone EVER talk about working to MAKE THINGS BETTER? all everyone does is complain complain complain. DO SOMETHING. every little helps.

WAKE UP!!! why is there corruption? because kiasuwankers speed and pay off the policemen.
why is there a 3rd world mentality? because kiasuwankers spit on the pavement and complain about it being dirty.
go look in the mirror and answer yourself honestly. please.



Citing a single case but a common one signifys consistency in the repition of the falws in the healthcare of the country. It was certainly not a weak factor as it was not a personal point of view but a fact.

Btw, I apologize if my sarasm was not apparent with you because I was suggesting him as the only one that love the country as a sarcastic comment. Obviously,he is not the only one. Duh.

Interpretations of words up subjective in the first place and writers of those words have a responsibility to support the words they say and guid the readers. BUT ST's comments so far are certainly mocking and insulting, to say the least. Consoling yourself because things are different is albeit to saying that a country's disparencies is not a part of the identity of the country, even though amendable.

However, like i emphasized, "different" does not carry the cannotation of "perfection" and therefore, shouldn't be link together. Just like failing examinations does not carry the prevalent notion that the person who undergo the examination was stupid. Therefore, there is not need for ST to ask Vincent to console himself. The need is not there in the first place.

Kimberlycun: Please state your interpretations of the current debate going on. I cannot read your mind and therefore, my own "misinterpretations" cannot be cleared also. Please enlighten me for you seem to be a good debator.


*munches on peanuts at the computer screen*


Vincent, cannot lah...for the ISA law to not be abused, it's heavily dependent on the people in government at the moment...........not scary to you meh?


me hugged anonymous (posted on November 13, 2005 2:14 AM) softly from behind and rest on his shoulder...mmmmmmmm...come to me....you are so macho....

lainie : Not scary to me because I don't go around giving them a reason to come knocking on my door.

whatever. everyone in the blogosphere IS a nobody anyway. you guys are fucking fucked up... every single one of you.

WAKE UP AND SMELL REALITY FOLKS... it's so much more fun!



*Yuen Li was here*

blog-drama alert.

You two! Fight to the death!

Come on, then, let's see who's right.

I know I'M RIGHT. Are you?

Am taking bets to see who apologises first. Anyone who apologises and end this fight is WRONG.

Not just wrong, but Bad-Wrong. Baddong! Baddong, I tell you!


Vincent: 3-1
Shaolin Tiger: 9-3
Who the fuck cares: 1-1



damn drama orh... go do some real work already.

shiiiiiiiiit...I just noticed how long the comments here ah. Not gonna read though, atmosphere is a bit too negative in msian blogosphere right now :)

I guess that's why I'm more scared of it than you, I have this paranoia that one day I, or some friends I know, will just be taken away.



And yeah we are both arguing the same point from a slightly different perspective, isn't that what cyclic arguments are all about?

Do what you will, I always win, because I have no sides, or both sides, depends if your cup is half full or half empty.

I just like to irrate people I don't like. EOS.



the english here is really good!

*reads through every thing and joins Eyeris on the fence*

Don't fight laa..just imagine how the next PPS bash will be like. Black face all around.


Heh, Jayellle. I think expecting to just sit and sulk is optimistic at this point. Everyone here needs to cool down a bit maybe?

Vincent: I have to admit that from my pov it looks like you overreacted to ShaolinTiger's comment. I still fail to see how it was so offensive that it justifies this whole crap-flinging contest.

ShaolinTiger: And I think you have to admit as well, you sure aren't helping things. You're intentionally baiting him, with your follow-up taunts and all. Sure, he started it. But be the better man and let it die already.

For all the times you call others out for playing the 'tough guy' card, you do the same pretty often yourself. Admit it. :P Your words may be more refined, but the main theme behind message you're conveying is "bring it on". Which is cool and all... *IF* you plan to get neon lights installed on your Satria.

Otherwise, just look the other way for now and let Vincent cheng you yum char when he cools off. :P

Place your bets, people! Who will be the better man and decide to let the issue drop?


eh wanna fight, fight over ka-hisass-soon la.. more better =P

*yawn* damn, overslept and missed breakfast again....
what'd i miss? =)


a few more comments and i bet it'll beat 'congrats..u moron' so i wanna contribute too=P

What was it all about again? I kinda forgot already..

And yeah I never said I was helping things, I am the devil's advocate, I am here to inflame and bait :P

And well I already have neon lights in my Satria :P


I bet on Vincent.

i agree with cyber-red. hehe

Wow, Neon lights, COOLNESS!

Well, better save up some money cos you know, who knows.. You may need 2 spend on ur car again.. *wink..


you pointed out bad points that exist in both countries... but there is plain truth in the fact that UK has a lot of good things that Malaysia lacks which is why even you admitted that they are slightly better as a developed country. i think the term better lacks any substantial meaning though... my point is: more development = more opportunities = more room for growth. which is why you forked out (or IF you went on a scholarship, the people who did so) that much money for you to be an overseas student in uk! when studying in malaysia would have been a far cheaper option - because you knew that there were things you could gain from studying in UK that aren't easy at all to acquire in Malaysia.

there is no point in arguing which is "better" - its hardly a valid measurement when it comes to assessing 2 countries.


My view is that Vincent was justified to react angrily, minus those swear words though, because ST's words "Yeah keep consoling yourself, not bad, just different" appeared as pressuring Vincent to say that things at home are "bad" rather than "different".

You believe any patriotic citizen will ever say that, least of all, to a foreigner, in a public media ? Vincent's choice of the word "different" was polite, diplomatic and accurate, since views/opinions are never objective and cannot be put forward as the absolute truth.

But, for ST, a foreigner to say
"Malaysia is just fine, for people with drive, spirit, ambition and intellect, they go abroad, because they are stifled and held back here by the corruption and the 3rd world mentality of the people in power" is just simply too much. He works here and makes his living here; has he the right to interfere with domestic affairs of governance ??? Is he not worried about being sent home ???


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