Monday, November 28, 2005

thanks, but no thanks

I don't like asking people for favours. It is as simple as that. I hardly ever find the need to do such things. If I want something done, I do it myself. You can misconstrue it is an ego problem, or plain arrogance but I think I would be better off depending on myself.

When I started this blog, I did this template myself. Boy it is ugly, but to me, it is the most beautiful template I will ever see. I taught myself HTML. And after that, I fixed the bugs in the template all by myself even though a couple of my friends offered to help. I think that I can come up with a better looking template if I wanted to, but I decided to keep this to remind myself of my character.

So no, I prefer not to get people's help. A lot of my friends, upon hearing that I have returned home have suggested, "Ah, you should have no problems with jobs....just ask your sister or your dad to recommend...sure they got contacts one.."

Well, fuck off.

Of course they do. My sister has her own engineering firm. Contacts aplenty. My dad has been working in the top level of an MNC for ages. Of course he has friends. But that also means that one day......should I be a 'somebody', I will not have the privillege of saying that I did it all on my own. That would mean that I would have to keep wondering whether I got there because I am good or because I have good connections.

So no, I will not ask that they use their 'power' to get me a job, nor would they ever offer me such a proposal.

So thanks for suggesting, you nosey wart, but no thanks.


stand on your own two feet eh.
i like that


there are some stuff that u might need help from.. say, to have a baby.

maybe u can ask suan.



aih, you're right. but then again, i rather have it easy! hehe

exactimo!!! why ask for help when you can do it on yer own? tis a good slap on the faces of busybodies.

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