Tuesday, December 13, 2005

be thankful

A quick note here, since I am perpetually busy these days. It's a cool juggle between work, and working on the great idea thing of mine.

You know, I said this before, we apparently live in a 'racist' country, where everybody supposedly gets discriminated by their race. The Malays supposedly can't get a job because employers say Malays are lazy and hence they bin every CV submitted by a Malay. The Chinese supposedly lose their university places to the Malays. And supposedly, nobody likes them Indians at all.

But you know.....at least I can walk around the streets here without anybody shouting out calling me a Chink or asking me to go back to China. At least I can have a meal in McDonalds without a woman calling me a 'fucking chink'. At least I can take a stroll in my neighbourhood without a Malay guy mockingly asking me 'Ni Hao?' At least I don't need to fear that I might walk into the wrong neighbourhood and get assaulted because of my skin colour.

And hey look at today's papers. We complain about the supposed police government and the ISA for blocking our 'freedom of speech'. We are being oppressed you say?

But at least, we haven't had a major racial riot since that day in 1969. Too bad you can't say the same for the UK, France and now, Australia. All supposed developed nations.

If you ask me, I choose dirty toilets, bad public transportation, and corrupt cops over CIVIL UNREST and RACIAL RIOTS anyday of the week.


...not forgetting the friendly locals telling u to "go back to China/Afghanistan/something-stan, chink/yellow/chinese trash!"

but u must admit, they make pretty decent bacon n sausage sandwiches...


malaysians wanna migrate to australia...

and currently aussies are having some kind of "beach party" down there..

hahaha..good luck to 'em


You're right man, look at the big picture.


well said man...

but in some way, u're comparing bad with worse, and conviniently ignoring the average and the good.

I get a feeling that you are just consoling yourself over the fact that you couldn't get a job in UK and had to resort coming back to Malaysia. A point i deduced from reading several of your recent posts before and after leaving the UK. Racism exists everywhere and the mechanisms that allow such attitude to prevail is different from one country to another. No point going over the banal argument of developed and developing countries' mentalities. Try giving more depth to your arguments, will'ya.

You should be punish for thinking otherwise. But then, you should be punished for using your country as a last resort and start giving opinions that you actually love your country that much. Boohoo, cry.. man. Cant get a job in UK? No big deal. Blow it in India or Indonesia then dude. They might need talents like you since you have nothing against other races.
Why you wanna come back anyway?


you mean you read my entire blog? WOW! A FAN!

and you deduced all that from my past articles? clever boy you are. now let me try and see whether i have your same deduction skills...

from your MANY anonymous posts...i can deduce that your mum had constipation in the toilet one day and when the poop finally came out, there you were swimming in the toilet bowl!


someone gimme a medal already!


'If you ask me, I choose dirty toilets, bad public transportation, and corrupt cops over CIVIL UNREST and RACIAL RIOTS anyday of the week.'

You can say that again...


anonymous(es): jeez, I can deduce more bitterness in your comments than vincent's posts....

they really call you a chink over there? asking you to go back to china now and then?

what does a chink mean anyway?


the previous post is mine, sorry.

well said!

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