Sunday, December 25, 2005

drive safe, folks

I have always held the notion that safe driving campaigns never quite make the cut. Every year during the festive periods, the road accident fatalities shoot to a scary figure. Despite repeated warnings and sometimes greusome advertisements, people just don't get it.

Sometime ago, I had this great idea that one of the pre-requisites for a driving license would be to get people to go for a compulsory tour of the accident ward of a hospital so that they can learn first hand that no matter how soft the Milo-tin Protons are, the human tissue is even softer. After that, they should go on a site visit to a police station to see up close what a mangled piece of metal looks like. It might not work, but it would surely scare a few souls.

Myself included.

Today my mum went to the PJ police station to pay a speeding ticket (see kids, no bribes!). Opposite the police station is a big parking space where all the cars involved in accidents are towed and kept. While waiting for my mum to go settle the bill (which didn't happen because they are closed on Saturdays) I got out of the car and took a little stroll around the area.

There was a car which appeared in the papers a few days ago. It was smashed it so bad, I got goosebumps looking at it. I went closer. The car had no front. And if that was bad, the side of the car was crumpled like an acordian. All that was left was a mangled heap of metal. Somehow I could picture the driver and the front seat passenger. There were red stains on the seat. On both seats. The airbags were all fully deployed. I don't think they helped. I don't think anything could have protected them.

As I drove home, I passed many Christmas decorations by the roadside. "Merry Christmas!" they happily proclaimed. "Selamat Hari Natal!" And then I thought of those two poor folks. They won't be celebrating Christmas I reckon.

And sadly, I don't think their families would be celebrating Christmas either.


it's ironic that it's during the most meaningful festivals that the most meaningless deaths occur.

Vincent Merry X'mas
Thanks for removing her comments for me :)


hey merry xmas to you!
i've warned myself not to drink drive, ever.


wow, someone must really adore me to go around posting comments as me. wtf is happening?? sien. anyway, happy new year vince

ps: yo fucker, here's a tip, my xmas is never "x'mas". apostrophe is too much hassle


fuck off lah chau pukiface concave-mouth

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