Monday, December 19, 2005

my gift, my curse

And so it happened that I was reading a funny man's blog the other day and there was this article that was apparently so funny that people were heaping praises all around. One bloke went on to comment that he laughed so hard that 'his insides hurt'. I don't presume to know how other people's laughing mechanism works, but my insides only hurt when I eat a particularly bad seafood dish of some sort (in that case, it's not just the insides that hurt).

So there I was, scratching my head and re-reading the thing....very funny meh? No sense of humour? Could be. But you read my blog. You tell me. Do I look, or even sound like a guy with no sense of humour? Sick and twisted as it may be (think of the tampons, folks), there isn't a soul in the world who can say that I have talked to them but haven't been able to make the laugh. Oh, unless your name is Katherine Lee, in which case you would be burning in hell getting your anus ripped apart by KingKong's 5 foot long dick, and laughing at my jokes would be the least of your concerns.

Us funnymen have sad lives you know. When you reach a certain level of funniness, suddenly things don't seem so funny anymore. I believe its the same case in point with regards to my genius...I hardly ever meet other geniuses around, but that's a story for another day. It's real bad I tell you. Sometimes I crack a lame joke, and some bloke (or chick) will start getting all crazy and laugh like a hyena on crack. And I think.....'Heh, thanks for laughing...but it's not all that funny you know.'

So, if I can't even laugh at my own (lame) jokes, what more other people's? Like the Spiderman dude rightly puts it..My gift, my curse. How about I go even further to say that I haven't EVER, in my 21 years, met a girl who can make me laugh 'till my insides hurt'? Ok, that's probably a tad unfair. But maybe one. That's it. D'ya know how unfulfilling it is to be the only one who tells the jokes and comes up with the fun stuffs all the time?

You think yourself a comedian, huh? Recycled jokes are funny. They are however, not natural. Entertaining people is a gift, you say? No, my friend. Entertaining people is an after effect. You entertain yourself first. You're lying to yourself. You're lying to everybody. Nobody can be that naturally funny and that happy at the same time. It's a gift, but with it comes with a terrible curse.

Tell you what...you go on ahead with your apparent funniness. I'll just dwell on my curse then.



Could I redeem that hug for some beer? That would be better...Hhahaaha..


now that's just disgusting


People are going to get very jealous of vincent getting humped by FA.

you watch southpark? reminds me of the episode where cartman saw something so funny that nothing else was funny. for you its like, you are so funny that nothing else is funny? haha..i dont know..msn me the "funny" blog article k ...

WOW! You're really living in Ego Central aren't you? Talk about self-absorbed!!! :P

Jean: this is vincent. :P

Lyn: Haha.. yeah, guess you're right.. :) I absolutely marvel at how good he is at self-consolation! I suppose you have to learn to keep yourself afloat to stay alive huh?

jean: yeahh you're right! ;) especially when Manyoo is out of the Champion's league....


Merry Christmas, Vincent. :)

sumone muz be having orgasm u remove my comment..lolz

remove again la


hhahaha...actually i also feel quite funny at how someone laugh till his or her "inside hurts?" hahah.... well, u said someone cant be funny n happy at the same time, tis i DONT AGREE, because whn ppl laugh at ur jokes, u r happy tat u bring them joy, isnt it? Mayb ur thinking is a bit too complicated, but for me, i do feel funny n happy at the same time. Btw, i really enjoy ur blog, it's kind of stupidly funny..haha..

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