Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Goddamn she's beautiful..

Uh-huh. She doesn't smile enough though.

Who cares? Look at her! If she looks like that frowning...imagine what she would look like smiling..

Truth be told, she wasn't that hot. She had a sweet little face and bambi-eyes. Long hair. Fair skinned. Otherwise, she was ol' Plain Jane. But Plain Janes have an appeal too, you know. It's the girl-next-door factor. There she stood, with her long sleeve shirt and knee length skirt. Probably came straight from the office. And she had a nice little watch to fit around her cute little wrist. This usually spelt 'Ahlian' with a capital A, but no, not her.

And so it was, like every other pick-up, it all began with a simple...

"Hi...I'm Tom"
"Oh hi", she smiles back, "I'm Anna"


Didn't sound like an Ahlian. Not one bit. Didn't even have that Chinese accent. And like any other guy struck by a thunderbolt, he pressed on. And boy, did they get along. He was right. She looked like an angel when she smiled. And wait till you see her laugh as she cracked those insane one-liner jokes. Apparently, she was an accountant with a large firm. Graduated top of her class, too. Dammit. Beautiful AND smart.

"Well done Tom," he thought, "Score....."

"Bartender!" he called, "Two Chivas Cokes please!"

"Eh......no Tom. I don't drink."
"Why not?"
"Haha...I'm modern la, but I still stick to the rules, ok"
"Hmm? What rules?"
"Haha...The rule that says Muslims can't drink la, you doink!"

He looks at her and blinks. The bar begun to spin in front of his eyes. He holds his tongue for a while and tries to recall their conversation. It was......confusing.

"You're Malay? Anna's not a Malay name what"

She giggles like she had been all night. Somehow, it didn't sound as cute as it was. Suddenly, her smile wasn't as sweet as it was. Suddenly, he broke off all connections he had with her.

"Of course it is, silly. It's short for Farh-ana."
"Haha...yeah I hate my name so I get everybody to call me Anna"

He manages to force a laugh. His lips curve to form a smile. A weak smile. A fake smile.

"So you're actually a Malay? But but...you're so....fair!"
"Hehe...you have been talking to me for two hours and you just figured it out?"
"Well......you didn't sound Malay"
"Hahaha....but I am!"

Water droplets roll down his cold glass. He watches it form a water ring at the bottom.

He sighs.

"Only if..." he thinks, "....only if"


only if.. she was yours? =)

only if...she wasn't Farhana but Anna

Sorry to dissapoint you folks, but it's not my story.

what's wrong with malays?

nothings wrong with them. go back up and read the title again.

hahah good one.. Farh-anna.....

Have a fantastic new year, vincent... jom mari tengok bola soon...


yea i really can relate to this one as im a malay but im into indian guys:P anyways happy new year vincent!gd luck in ur future endeavor!

it happens all too often. i guess the fact that most of us can understand and relate to the "only if..." part speaks volumes about the kind of environment we all grew up in.

lishun : exactly my sentiment there!

tsk tsk. it's just sad... like lishun said, it's reflective of the environment we grew up in, which influences our beliefs.
all too sad it's just the kind of scenario which happens everyday, isn't it vincent?


haha... i find the story interesting...actually it does not only talks bout prejudice, it also reflects us Human, who likes to judge a person by his or her looks... we always put physical appearance as the first priority in judging people, why is it so??

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