Saturday, December 03, 2005

so pweety


My mum got a bouquet of flowers the other day! 45 beautiful red roses. They were so pretty I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and took so lot of pictures of them. I wish someone would give me some pretty flowers too :(

So huge rite? The wrapping was so beautiful we decided no to take it out. So we have to spray water on the petals every few hours or so.

Look at those gorgeous blood red petals. We've decided to make potpuri after they wither.

Decided to take so artsy shots too...Hee hee. All those little flowers surrounding it complement the bouquet very well, don't you think?

Now....didn't that just sound so totally fucked up? Helloooo....its just a bunch of goddamn flowers ok. Stop making a fuss about plants. Its a fucking waste of money, thats what it is. That was the biggest fucking bouquet of flowers I have ever seen in my life. I wouldn't even want to begin imagining how much they cost.

Women love flowers. Flowers are evil. Hence, women are evil.


Haha, the emulation was funny.

Those OMGs and Hee Hees just sound so out of place in a bitching log.



i truly believe that if you want to know wheather a woman is the right one....check if she digs the flowers. if she doesnt, congratulations.

then give her a credit card instead


Thank goodness I read all the way to the end.

I was already gagging halfway through and wondered if you suddenly started doing crack or something ...

agree with kimberly on the credit card though =)


anonymous : Oh yeah? How about the :( thingy? HEE. HEE.

kim/scorkes : Can. I give credit card and put a 100 buck credit limit on it. Huhuhuhu.


hahahaha... the first part of the post you sounded as if you suddenly got injected with a rush of estrogen.

For a split second, after reading the first two paragraph, I was wondering whether I was in the right blog...

After reading to the end, ah! I know I am.


good grief. you almost had me there. thank GOD for the last 2 paragraphs. promise you won't do it again, vincent. it was...too real...*shudder*

man...... i thought i you had a sex change or something.
okay, when's your brithday?


WHAT THE.. When you wrote "OMG OMG OMG!" I was like, "huh?" And this sounds SUSPICSIOUSLY like minishorts. One of her entries.. hehehe.

sweelin : Estrogen is evil.

jenn : Of course its the right blog. Where else can you find a maroon blog?

lishun : You've gotta stop saying 'good grief'. Really. Try swearing or something. Hehehe.

Lyn : My bday long over already la.

bsjj : Oh no, minishorts put a picture of herself with the flowers. I shall not give you guys the same privillege. Hehehe...


i thought something snapped somewhere... like wtf! and this was at 730 in the morning in NZ

almost thought there was some guest blogger or sth...vincent is undoubtedly WICKED! =D

you sound so gay man.

ok sounded.


I like, I LIKE!!

I wanttttt...


Shit, definitely the wrong person to hint to. :P


if someone wastes money on that bloody bouquet of flowers on me....there'd better be HEAPS MORE MONEY behind that gesture, or I'll cry everytime I skip lunch because I can't afford it (and spent the cash on coffee instead), and look at the fucking flowers.

which, incidentally, has happened to me before.


I so wanna slap you right now, man...

I'm not too big a fan of flowers myself. One single white rose would be fine, though. ;)

And why did you turn comment verification on?
I thought you were all for "exercising (your) dexterity"?


alynna : I don't think your brother would be too pleased if I hit on you. Tsk tsk...

I just noticed that all the commentors but one were women.....ehehehhee..


I think if you spray too much water on the petals..they will wither and probably rot faster =P

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