Saturday, December 10, 2005

win some, lose some

I was in the LRT the other day coming home from a job interview. There I was, dressed in a nice pair of pants and a spanking white shirt, complete with a blood red tie and everything. Hell, it was one of those rare days that my hair looked ok (because my hair ALWAYS looks like I just woke up).

Now, there's this thing about dressing well. Every woman (even the hideous ones) look stunning on her wedding day, maybe because of the radiance she emits for the occasion, but most probably because of well applied make up and the camoflouge of a wedding gown which always looks beautiful. I think the same concept applies to guys with a well done tie and a nice long sleeve shirt. That, and because I had an aura of invincibility around me (because I was nothing short of AWESOME in the two interviews I had that day), I swear the birds were circling over my head all day long wondering how such a magnificent creature like myself happened to grace this earth.

Anyways, in the jam packed peak time LRT, everybody was standing so closely, the flower fragrance from this Indian girl behind me was trying so hard to counter the kretek stink from the Malay bloke next to me . Also, no more than 4 feet away from me were a couple of girls. A tall chick and a short cross-eyed friend of hers.

The tall chick seemed to be staring at me from the moment I stepped into the LRT and kept glancing my way while talking to the cross-eyed one. I'll be honest...she could have been checking out Mr. Kretek, although I sincerely doubt it. And then, she whispered something to the squint while still trying to take a mental picture of me. I can hardly call it a whisper because I heard it loud and clear from where I was...

"Eh..cute la the guy..."

Crossy turned to face the same direction she was facing (I couldn't tell whether she was looking at me, for obvious reasons) and gasped with the most condescending tone..


Tall chick, obviously bemused that her friend did not support her assessment of me tried to start berating Crossy until the two of them realised that they were a little loud and that I was looking at them smugly, so they toned down and proceeded with their little debate over me. It was nothing short of amusing (partly because Crossy couldn't appreciate beauty through those eyes of hers. HAHA).

Days like these are fun.

You win some, you lose some.

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Hahaha... XD

I take LRT sometimes and I've never bumped into any "cute" guys before. I did saw a lot of Mr Kretek.




man you're pretty perasan hoh.


che wah. *raises eyebrows*

eh eleh... somebody kembang adee leh...

your balls grew twice its original size


yeah? check this - a girl flashed me her titties during the weekend, how's that? (but I can't be blogging about that for safety reasons...)

hahahah...elehhhhh hensem ke u:P

eh wah....vincent finally has a chick looking his way...
but still as perasan as ever. LOL.


Hey Vincent.. I've never met blind people before! Did she have like a walking cane or was there someone to guide her?

jean : Never seen a blindman? But I thought you see your boyfriend every 2 weeks?

Oh no...wait. You can't see him either cause you oso blind.


Man, Vincent.. that's a real lame attempt.. Ah well, I'll give you credit for at least trying. Like you said, win some, lose some!

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