Thursday, January 26, 2006


Allow me to indulge a little self-praise. Today, it is all about me. Well, actually, it's always about me anyway. But heck, a lot of people never seem to understand that, so here's a warning. If you don't like people with big egos, that's probably because you suck so bad, you feel inferior when you hear of other people's greatness.

Anyway, I once went for an interview with a fairly large company. After you've been for a few, they all seem the same. They start off by getting you to fill up a form which basically requires you to copy every single thing you typed out in your CV and write it on that nifty little custom made form of theirs. I once spent close to 40 minutes filling up the form that this large American company had. They went so far as to ask for PMR results.

Anyway, as far as the interview goes, they always start off by asking you to tell them a little bit about yourself. As far as fun interviews go, I reckon that's a bad question to ask. Most of the time people do have custom made answers prepared way in advance, so these kinda questions I feel are redundant.

However, I went for an interview once which lasted close to one and the half hours. I reckon, those dudes either loved me or they had not much work to do. So anyway, it was a pretty 'different' interview. We talked about Manyoo kicking Chelsea's butt and we talked about the AP issue (both were hot news at the time). And then the engineering manager who was a Malay bloke, asked me whether I was ok speaking in Malay because I needed to interact with the workers who were mostly Malay kids with an SPM qualification only.

And so it went :

So, Vincent, boleh cakap BM tak?

Boleh, takde hal.

Ok, tell me about your family...in Malay. Pretend I am one of the workers.

Ah, okla. Macam ni. Bapak I, dia dah retire. Mak I........

Wah ok stop! That's enough. VERY GOOD! You punye bahasa kampung bagui oh.

I made some jokes, they made some jokes, and it was a blast. To top it off, one of the interviewers, the big boss dude told me that I was by far the best 21 year old he had EVER interviewed.

Well, if that's not awesome, I don't know what is.

*based on experience, 8/10 companies don't bother asking to see your results. those that do are companies that have reputations for turning people into zombies. true story, kids. study hard, play harder.*


you perasan prick! hahahah

wah lau eh...dua patah aje dah cakap BM engkau otai...

There's a rule of thumb which infers that if you make it to an interview, then your results are acceptable.

I always ask the interviewees one particular question:

Why should we hire you?

I've yet to get a brilliant sales pitch from any of the young ones. 9 out of 10 will say because they will work long hours. That is not really a good answer because in some companies, when juniors work long hours it looks bad on their supervisors.



*koff koff*

WAHAHAHHA! Hoi! Palui betul!What "Bapak I, dia dah retire.."??? 'RETIRE' malay word ke? *whacks Vince on head*.

minishorts : Actually hor, according to my super BM skills, I can tell you that perasan is used for when you praise yourself. But this one leh, people praise me. Hehehe..

chris :Yups. Aku ni bagui siot.

tigerjoe : Oh I have a custom made answer for that. Heh.

lishun : *gives you some fisherman's friend*

raksha : Aku ni bukan palui. It's not about the word, its about the accent you know. Hehehee


So did you get the job? :):)


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