Thursday, January 05, 2006

of growing up

Some days just have a proper theme to it. Today was just like that. Everything I did today, every conversation I had, and everybody I met seemed to reflect the same common denominator.

I was chatting with a friend of mine from high school, a guy about 25 years old I reckon. He asked me how I spent Christmas and New Year. I told him it was a quiet affair. I spent quality time at home with my family, we cooked a great meal. We had a proper family chat. We watched tv and played a little mahjong.

"You mean you didn't go out!??!"
"Nope, like I said......I spent time at home."
"Dude, that's just sad."

Now I don't presume to understand what he terms as 'sad' and 'happening', but this is how I chose to spend my time. Partying? No thank you. I've had my day. I've partied enough in university. I've drank my fair share of booze. I think we reach a certain stage in life where all this stuffs probably isn't that important anymore. I had a chat with most of my colleagues at work and everybody says the same....we had enough of this when we were young. Enough of this shit.

And then I realised the situation with my friend. This bloke was a top student in school and in uni. He probably didn't get to have fun back then. He probably spent his Friday nights cooped up in his room studying. A deprived student life. A wasted youth. Now, he goes clubbing every week without fail and gets pissed drunk everytime. He's probably making up for all that lost time.

Me, I've had my fun. 'FUN' for the lack of a better word. I still have fun these days. It's just that I consider other things to be fun. Things other than puking my guts out and popping pills.

And just now, I was talking to my friend Joe. Joe still keeps in touch with a lot of guys from school, something that I never bothered doing. And he was telling me of people who 'just didn't grow up', the kids who were still stuck in Form 5.

There's the guy who threw away his job in the UK (which is awfully hard to get) just so he could come back and be with some random girl. There's also the guy (who died, btw) who modified his car to wrap around a big fat tree somewhere around Bangsar. Most of the people in my batch have graduated, except the few of them who bummed around their time and wasted their education. Like the bloke from our class that Joe bumped into the other day who was too lazy (NOT that he didn't have money) to go to university, so he was selling Hotlink reload cards. Like a skanky girl I remember from before who just got married with a protruding front belly.

Yes, I am being a bit arsey today. In fact, I have been arsey for the last few days trying to be a moral police preaching my values. But heck, don't look at it that way. I am merely reminding myself why I shouldn't be stuck in my student life. Forgive me, because I have in the last 3 days learnt more about the world than I ever did in the last 3 years.


to me, not growing up is still using MiX3d UpPeR/loWer cAsE letters. anyway, growing up is still a scary thing. some people never grow up. it takes alot of courage to actually acknowledge that one is no longer a child. so a thousand points to you for figuring it out sooner than most.

If it would help with the arsey mood, I once saw this one a t-shirt:

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

Feel more chelsy now?


lishun : And could I swap those thousand points for some beer?

tiger : No. Chelsy sucks. No thank you.


vincent, y on sum comp ur blog titles looks italic and sum comp ur blog titles is not?

btw, try this, chivas + lemen scrup + ice blended + mint leave.. = THE BEST FOR DINNER


halo!happy new yrs 2006!u rocks!lolz

Heh. Mixed upper/lower case typing drives me insane too.

I also can't stand ppl who act way younger than they should--as though they have no responsibilities to anything or anyone and don't need to pay attention to their surroundings. They want car, money and gadgetry from their parents. And at the same time, they want freedom, free relationships, free speech, blablabla. In my eyes they're just a bunch of overgrown headache inducers set loose on the world.

I still empathize with their longsuffering parents. Wonder how long that will last.


man.. I'd rather spend quality time with my family than to have 100s of ah bengs stuffing their armpits onto my nostrils....
anyway there are no decent clubs in KL anyway!


I prefer not growing up. I know this makes me sound immature, but the whole idea of growing up scares me. Bah!

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