Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a quickie

I love my job.

I get to work 10 straight hours drawing some technical mumbo-jumbo and designing a system that makes sure that all of you n00bs sitting at home don't get power cuts, while satisfying the lust of some crazy foreigners in a freaking large MNC who have the tendency to enjoy watching their consultants suffer as they take their own sweet time to make a decision, only to change that decision 4 times.

What's not to like?


What's the paycheck like?

Not good, therefore I wouldn't reject anybody buying me some beer.

Everyday I have to deal with people who just plain cheapskate and demand a cheaper 128 MB pen drive from me . :S

vincent: man, i'm glad i'm stuck in school for a long loooooong time...

jungjie: how much are those going for now, anyway?


Get used to it, it only gets worse.

12 Hours, 15 decision changes, then when you finish it, they scrap it anyway and never use it.

Love it.


RM 60 for 128 MB . :s

lishun/st : That said, I much prefer doing all this than studying. Studying sucks.

yungjie : How much for a mouse? I tell you what...I buy the pen drive, you throw in the mouse for free ok?


vincent: like yungjie said, "plain cheapskate"!

LMAO I will give you a lab mouse then . :p

10 hours.. at least you get to draw.

I get to, ermm.. surf boring sites. :(


farkiu biatch!!!!!

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