Monday, January 09, 2006

vincent, the flamer

Boy am I a big hypocrite. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the fine print, you will find a paragraph that has been sitting there, unedited for ages long. Heck, I'll even throw in an excerpt of it :

It you wish to leave a comment, please do so in a civilised manner. If you wish to criticise, criticise the message and not the messenger. I will gladly start a lively debate with you.

And it is by that mantra which I based my blog upon in those days gone by. I had loads of controversial topics, I had loads of arguments around back then. And somehow, I always advocated that disagreements, while inevitable, could be done in a civilised manner befitting our educated backgrounds.

However, being on the Internet for ages has taught me that there are loads of idiots around, and sometimes, for a certain breed of people, patience and tolerance is not possible. As of late (and I mean within the last few months), I have started flaming assholes with random comments.

And then I realised.............goddamn it's fun to do.

So, if you want to indulge in a little flaming, please proceed here to read a fucking ridiculous article, no less. Flaming is welcome, especially for a moron who should be able to acknowledge it himself. There is no reasoning there. He tries to justify his points but they fall flat on his retarded face. So folks, here it is again : Malaysia, the country in between Thailand and Singapore.

I'll even go a step further and humour you with my first comment to him:

vincent said...

No, I don't think you'll be called racist or get your blog banned. Afterall, its not your fault that you are a fucking retard.

1:25 AM

Who said flaming assholes wasn't fun??

UPDATE : I am beginning to indulge in this a little too much, I fear. Someome told me not to argue with kids, but heck, since I am already at it, let me present to you another dumbass retard. Head along there, folks!

update 2 : The retard just deleted a large chunk of his original article. Hooorah for flamers!


...but wouldn't your comment have more, erm, "flaming power" if you backed it up with an argument? that way HE'LL look like a real retard, instead of you just looking like a real arse.

You are turning from pure sensible obnoxious to seriously infuriating.

lishun : Like I said, there comes a point where I realised that it's a waste of time to come out with a proper logical argument. I am sick and tired of trying to educate idiots. Sometimes its fun joining the idiot gang.

alice : OMG! My own medicine!! Argghhh!! BITTERRR!!

p/s: (is that obnoxious enough for you?)


Hmm...hentai , they can't stop me from having them . :D~~~

this brings me back to a comment i made a looooooooong time ago. how on earth do you end up reading moronic blogs in the first place anyway?

hey fellow idiot!! thanks for bringing more readers to my site! I look forward to my next flaming


You just got out from school, right. Well I guess then ignorant is bliss. The typical response from Malaysian when there is an article with a hint of the big R word is basically no response. You see, most of us are infected with a disease called denial. FYI, I am infected too.

The people that response are usually the one who has the most to gain (in Malaysian context, the most to loose).I don't think you fall into this catergory, right. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Maybe you should go out to the really Malaysian world for a couple of years, first. Then you can quietly tell me how is it, I promised I won't call you a R.

Welcome to the really world and best regards.


lishun : I told you beforee, I am a magnet that seems to attract all the idiots. They just...materialise from thin air.

raymond : Look, its early in the morning, and my brains aren't working. But still.........what the fuck are you babbling about the 'R' word? Don't patronise me about ignorance being bliss.


haha vincent! was challeging myself if i could get their attention focused on my comments. and i did it! at least for one of them. will continue to check on updates of the other. now, i challenge you, to get more response from the bloggers through your comments.

p/s: im half awake. hope this msg gets through you. huaarghhh!!

p/p/s: this is good way to spend a 10mins study break. huarrrghhhh!!!


As I said, I am infected. I don't even know what I am talking about with the 'R' word.

Anyhow, it's good to see that you are enjoying life. Early in the morning/ brains not working at 11.41AM I would say that this can be consider the afternoon already.



Hi Vincent,

I would like to hear your intelligent opininon about these two cases.



I bet it will be flaming like hell.


byn : I went one better. I got the idiot to delete his crap. huhuhuh..

anonymous : Such crap doesn't interest me. Maybe you should read this:



You broke your rule of flaming other bloggers only on your blog. That "arghh" stuff only showed that you were idiotic at that point of time.

Oh yay. A policewoman here to arrest me for breaking my OWN rules.

Hey moron, go back and read what I had to say in the article


some people are just trying to help

why view an act of kindness as something patronizing?


your flaming has added 200 unique pageviews to my site. thanks!

well you're welcome.

this goes to show that I am nothing short of awesome, and you are so pathetic that a mere 200 hit jump made you cum in your pants.


Hmm, do you talk this way in real life too? Hmmm...

Real life? This is real life you moron. This ain't no matrix. What we do is who we are, cyber world or not.

You must be one of those dumbass bloggers who think that that we have two identities. No, fool. We don't.

It's just us - the same person at work, the same person at home, the same person talking to friends, and the same person on the Internet.


:) you are very amusing... like a clown in a circus. keep it up dude!

lord apprentice:

if you're an apprentice hoh, try to be less self-appreciating lor, ... your sarcasm falls flat as a lame attempt to save your ass after you've been pwned by vince.

tsk tsk.


there u go again, being all clown like....though u were more amusing the first time.


I learned something new today.

Flaming people can sometimes turn them into an ardent fan.


hahahaha. its clear you are in denial.

by the way, does this mean i have to start paying for membership fees?


Speaking of which, minishorts dear, you forgot to renew your membership this year.

eh fucker i thought mine was by special invitation?

u'r lucky i actually agreed to pick up the invite. :P


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