Thursday, January 19, 2006

you're no spiderman

Never mind the supposed elitism, never mind the supposed cliques. Everybody seems to have a favourite pet peeve when it comes to the big name bloggers. Whatever floats your boat, I reckon. I am all for elitism, but I think cliques are juvenile. Again, never mind that. Whatever gives you the jollies.

However, I noticed something those biggies have in common. They preach their stuffs until somehow the small fish pick it up too. I had a flamer the other day who asked me whether I talked like that in real life. Now, this is where we can sort out people into two distinct categories. The bloggers read that line and totally understand the question. The non-bloggers, however are probably scratching their head wondering, "Real life?? Isn't this the real life?"

Somehow, every blogger (whom in this article, I will now refer to as 'The Dumbasses' or a similar noun) seems to think that they have one identity in 'real' life and one blogging identity. Some of The Dumbasses even go as far as writing about their dual identities and keep harping about 'The real me is not like that' or 'My real life friends know me as a birdbrained blonde'. How about a dose of 'I am not so chatty in real life' ??

Well, shut up already. Your stupidity is killing me. Wake up you idiots. This isn't a Spiderman comic. There ain't no Matrix. What we do is who we are. We are what we say, we are what we blog. We are the same person at work or at school, we are the same person with our friends and family, and we sure as hell are the same person on the Internet.

Nothing changes. You may act differently, but you are that same person. Acting differently does not equate to having a dual identity. You can turn and say, "Well Vincent, I am usually not as vocal with my real life friends as I am on my blogs." Well, I say to you, that's because you have an inferiority complex around them and you are hiding behind a shroud of anonimity on the Internet.

But then you scream back at me, "What anonimity?!? I have photos of myself plastered all over my blog!" SO WHAT? Who knows who you are? How many people see you on the street and wave? One? Two? Ten? So I say back to you, "It's still the inferiority complex, my dear, you don't get attention from people on the streets, so you get attention from people on the Internet." And heck, if you didn't already know, that makes you an attention seeker, a lousy one on the streets but a good one on the Internet, but STILL an attention seeker nonetheless. You see? One identity there only.

"Okay," you admit in resignment, "but how do you explain the fact that I am more serious in real life but on my blog, I am the funniest person around?" Well, my friend, that's because you're not really funny. You're serious because you're boring. Everybody finds you boring but everybody you know is resigned to that fact, and hence everytime they talk to you, they talk serious stuffs only. And so you look for an outlet - your stupid blog. But there's a problem you see - you weren't funny in the first place. So, in a desperate attempt to shed your serious image (the image of which only you see in the mirror), you spend hours pondering over your article, trying to think up a joke.

The end result? Oh no sir, you confuse that as a dual identity. You think you have a serious 'real' life and funny 'blogging life'. Truth is, neither of that spells your identity. Your identity, your personality is marked by the characteristics of your actions. That you choose to be serious in 'real' life and you attempt to be funny in your blogging life. That spells your personality loud and clear. You might be a loner who can't cut it socially in the mamak stalls face to face with your friends, but you excel behind a faceless computer. Or, it could be that you are one that holds his personal image in high esteem and wouldn't do anything in front of his friends to embarass himself. But again, behind the so-called 'anonimity' of the Internet, it's a no holds barred affair.

There we go then. Those are your identities, your personality. It is unique. 'Being serious on the streets, but funny on the blog' is NOT your personality. It is merely a concequence of your actions. So, don't try to be a goody-two-shoes by saying "We fight on the Net, but we are good nice people in real life". Bollocks. You are who you are. It is your fingers, your real life fingers of flesh and bone that does the typing. It is your brain that decides what it types. This is who you are. Your blog speaks volumes of your personality.

Don't kid yourself. Don't kid your readers.

If you are an asshole on the Internet, you are just as big an asshole on the street.


well, now you've gone and told the truth...

eh, the story i wrote makes you a role model for growing teens.

then again, okay i'll give it to you, you're awesome. ALWAYS.



Seen these people in a local forum before . Always claim themselves that they fight on forum yet they are actually a good guy in real life . Screw them .

human beings pls!!! i hate fakers!!!!

w00t! i dont always agree with you, but you articulated what im feeling exactly. gonna spy this. thanks.

Yeah totally agree man, those people that say this is just 1% of me, or this is Xiaxue not Wendy, or this is Minishorts not Chooki, it's bullshit, it's the same person, they just have more balls to say what they won't say in real life on their blogs.

It's not another personality, it's just another part of them they don't have the guts to express in real life.

Internet hardmen are the same, they wanna fight me, till I ask to meet them in real life and give my address or phone number, then they don't speak again..

Just weak ass excuses for being an asshole on the Internet.

I said from the start, my blog is me, 100% I'm an asshole in real life, and on my blog, it's not like there's a big difference.

Well that's my 2 cents, but I don't know, I might have misunderstood and this might just be another fake blogwar which elite bloggers take part in and which is so amazing, I just find it kinda pathetic, as obviously I'm too shallow or stupid to understand it.



st : i am not talking about xx and wendy, or minishorts and chooki. it is something i have noticed since day one. that's just things every blogger has been saying (even the flamers).

but heck, i might even be taking an indirect poke at you and you won't know it right? ;)


Indeed you might, I wouldn't know anything about it ;)

yeah kenny sia said it too.about him not as funny in real life.serious bloke in reality.

In real life, I'm a 43 year old male with a 45 inch waist.

True story.


i don't usually leave comments, but I have to say, this is an unfair explaination (or was it explanaition?). At the same time, I'm not gonna write a foot-long article to rebuke your post, so yes, I AM being an arsehole here (or a flamer, or both) so I hope u don't mind a useless commment pasted on ur blog.

till next time!


hey, agreed 100%!

i dunno how to be different with everyone, you are you are.. no matter where you are!


I wouldn’t have put it the same way, but you put your finger on a key issue of online social interaction. The illusion of anonymity, the lack of face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to slowly compose one’s digital interactions create a different social space, and within it a person is able to develop an extended space for expressing themselves. The prevalent ‘cyberreality’ discourse, espoused as a means to develop meaning for the multiple actors in the internet landscape, also serves as an enabling cultural meme which, while being imaginary, also fashions constitutive social meaning. And thus we have people believing that they may truly be another person rather than, as you point out, simply being another facet of the same person.

The question I don’t know the answer to is: if we allow that the digital technology has enabled the possibility of extending one’s social interaction into a different medium, to what extent does that medium become part of the socialised self-image of the blogger?

Thank you for your post, it has really helped me :)


julthefool : I reckon it is to every extent. If someone cares enough to justify their actions on the internet, then they are even more conscious of their image in real life. and you know what....i havent found a blogger who isnt worried about his online image.

Who you are online is just a personification of who you are in real life. Period. The net just gives you the freedom to be under the illusion of annonymity. The way you see things, the way you react to things. It's all you. There is no dual self there.

Good post dude.

P.S hooray! im a flamer now!


i have dual personality...

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