Saturday, February 04, 2006


Sunset over Tasik Kenyir

Just as beautiful as you are...

Puke already or not??


Haha, I like, I like!!

not quite, but it was very the nauseating all the same. welcome back, vincent!


did some big fish eat the REAL vincent and coughed up this puke-inducing version instead? :)


You pull out something like this and you actually expect people to believe you when you actually are showing your "sensitive" side. Right...

Dude that mountain looks like my crotch !!!


nice wat...no meh?

you all lucky i put in the last line. the first version didnt have it in. and then tilia told me that she puked. so i put in that line.


Erm...nice picture.I'd seen that line somewhere..hahaha..

what line???


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