Wednesday, February 22, 2006

brainwave number 148153

I landed myself a copy of The Chinese Dilemma. I heard of it here, and have been dying to get my hands on it since then. Anyways, to cut to the chase, I read the first 3 chapters and figured......Goddammit, I knew all this shit already...and I have better and more radical ideas than these. These are not new things to me. I have said them many times.

And so...I went off on one of my crazy brainwaves, which could technically happen, but won't because I am too lazy to get my butt going. Mostly also because when I get a brainwave, I am all gung-ho about it and start thinking of the 100 reasons why it WOULD work. Then laziness kicks in after 2 or 3 days of thinking, and then I start thinking of 1000 reasons why it wouldn't work.

So, since I am in that famous gung-ho mood, I shall list down a few reasons why I could write a social commentary book. Actually, writing a book isn't the problem. Any idiot with a pen (and these days a computer) can write a book. Convincing a publisher to buy your book is the hard part I hear. But anyway, let's see....

Which idiot wants to read a political/social issue book written by a 21 year old?
Well, nobody, since 21 year olds are generally idiots who have peanuts for opinions and haven't seen the world. But you forget that I am Vincent Lau, the child genius. Let's think about this now shall we. Most political writers are old people.

If you want to write about a racial issue, then the best writer would be a Chinese (because they are supposedly the 'victims' here). And then, the older writers are 2nd generation Chinese. On the other hand, I am a 3rd generation Chinese, and this brings a totally fresh point of view. I never saw the war, I wasn't around when we got our independance, and I certainly wasn't born anywhere near the 1969 riots and the subsequent implementation of the NEP. Therefore, I represent a bunch of people who didn't really experience 'racism', and yet grew up racist. It would be great to examine the million ringgit question here : 'WHY?'

Actually, that was the only problem.

My reasoning is very good ok? Don't diss me. I want to go write a book now.

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anyone with half a brain who reads the papers is able to write a social/political commentary, and anyone who doesn't read the papers will hail it as the most intelligent thing ever written. considering the huge number of 3rd generation chinese in this country who don't read the newspaper, i reckon your book will do very well indeed.

oooh yeah. a stunning number of working adults and university students i know don't read the newspapers.

i wanna read the book anyway. just wanna see how shallow i really am, really, really. and fuck it vince, the way your wrote this post was tiuhai beh-tong ok. super potong stim at the end. *WHACKS YOUR HEAD WITH A ROLLING PIN*

write the damn book anyway. i'd buy it

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