Wednesday, February 22, 2006

down the yellow brick road

Sometime ago, I made a freaking big mistake. Well, maybe it wasn't so much of a mistake than a lack of experience. Nonetheless, I hauled myself out of it all...looking very bad, not only to everybody who trusted me and everybody who trusted my judgement, but more importantly, I looked so bad the reflection in the mirror screamed profanities back at me.

But as they say, we all learn and move on. And goddamn, that is something I am good at. I take shit as they come and then toss them aside later. That is what I am best at, for fucks sake!

So here I am, some months later, about to make the same mistake all over again. I know it's not the same, but it sure as hell feels the same. What's frustrating is the fact that I know, or at least I think I know that it's going to turn out horribly but there isn't a damn thing I can do about it except to weather the storm.

And I can just feel it. This isn't going to be just a storm. It's going to be a hurricane and all I can do it sit home and hope it doesn't blow me away....


Eat lots of chocolates. Harder to blow away leh. :P

Jokes aside... the only thing that comes to mind to say to you that feels remotely right is 'good luck'. :)


so cryptic. *raises eyebrows*

alynna : Chocolates are good for you. Particularly Haagen Daaz choc fondue.

lishun : careful..if you raise those eyebrows too high, it might stick. apa jadi dengan blog kau?


diary-x went kaput. bye bye entries for 2005. oh well. i'm back at blogspot (lishun.blogspot.com) but have been too busy procrastinating moving on to update properly. will do so soon.

Hi! What're you up to these days? :)

Wow.. you've really never heard of the term 'Once bitten, twice shy' have you? And here you call yourself a boy genius.. haha.. Well, just hope you learn from this lesson ala Malaysian - 'Twice bitten, still can try' and finally 'Thrice bitten, surely die'.. :P

So mean... :( Don't remind me again. Ever. Or I'll make you buy me one when I'm back in June!

(So please remind me again?)


woots...thats like the nth I got asked out on a date on my blog!



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