Saturday, February 11, 2006

it sucks

It sucks when you write what you hope is a nice article that could POSSIBLY change the mindset a few people.....and then you get people who crap about in your comments box.

if im a chinese and i dun even have freedom to choose my own race to married, then fuck u!

this aint abt racist, it is abt my respect to my own ancestors!!
# posted by apple_pie : February 10, 2006 1:22 AM
apple_pie, dun waste ur time, if vincent wanna married malay gal, its his own funeral lah..

# posted by minishuts : February 10, 2006 9:25 AM

I hardly ever comment on Kenny's blog, partly because I disagree with a lot of things, but mostly because there are too many comments in there for me to read and get into a proper discussion.

And then, the more I thought about his last post and considering the fact that I was pretty free this weekend, I decided to go through some of the jargon his horde of fans had to say. It was all very fine indeed that he says we should be able to discuss stuffs and not be so sensitive.

But it became clear from the comments I received, and certainly some of the comments he receives that we are no where near ready for such 'sensitive' discussions online and on our blogs. It doesn't help that most of his readers (and to a great extent, most kids on the net) have the IQ equivalent to a shrivelled mushroom, and hence cannot be counted on to make 'proper' arguments.

As for me, well, there isn't anybody quite like me when it comes to writing stuffs like these, eh?

But seriously, since this blog is awesome, and everything about is great and since I am an elitist fuck, do me a favour, will you? If you are like 16 years old, have bad english and nothing constructive to say, bugger off and go surf the net for Pokemon.


Well vincent, u can go married a malay woman for a start to prove to the malaysians and also the blogsphere what you have been preaching so far! :)

I bet u wont ever dare to take up this challenge? *cough*cough*


no you fucking sohai, i have been preaching racial harmony, not preaching choosing a wife just because of her race. only a nutcase chooses to marry someone just for the colour of their skin.

prove to you and the blogosphere?? are you like fucking out of your mind??

oh wait....you sound 16 and have bad english. didn't i tell you to fuck off already?


You are the best Vince. I don't feel like wasting my time reading your blog.

It's nice to read racist's comments. Mock them more! They're brought up by their parents to be racist.

I tought that the Danish cartoon issue will make Kenny understand that he should take down his Allahs plant joke. He's just another 16 yo but have good english.

I'm 22 and have bad english.


vincent, no u fuck off

u are the unwanted jobless scum in the society!

im never gonna step on this full of shits blogs ever again!yay!


Vincent, nope he doesn't sound 16.
he sounds 14. one of those incoherents caught stagnant in puberty.

blog on, vincent!


vincent, yorrrr, no matter what, in terms of wealth, ur still under my bf pants....

apple_pie got "smashed" under her bf's pants? O.o

racial harmony rocks.

we all should drink beer.

i love pikachu.


well one thing's for sure, morons make the world a funny place to live in.



why do people who say they're never coming back, do precisely that?

I agree with Suanie though, spirits certainly helps the muhibbah spirit.


why can't we all just get along?

Fuck you all, I'm gonna study for my PMR.

eh bugger why you so angry one?

PMR long time away la..


again.. brilliant post man! :thumbs up:


Love ur post, sadly some people just don't get it, ayooo.... why Vincent kena kawin just to proved his point..huh??? ... kid go back to school and learn somemore aah.....

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