Wednesday, February 15, 2006

liar, liar

Of course, it is that time of that year again, where in the aftermath of an event, everybody competes to see who can come up with the biggest lie.

Never mind that every goddamn insect trawling this earth was trying to get home early so that they could fill the pockets of happy restaurant owners. Never mind too, that a trip home from the office 8 km away took me 45 minutes even though there was no accident. So here we are, trying to get home at a reasonable time, and all these bugs are crawling all over the place scurrying around in some apparent panic.

The panic was to celebrate a great big event, some would deem.....ridiculous. But I digress, any event that celebates love isn't really that ridiculous. If only those blokes storming around the streets in protest and getting people killed in the process....if only those blokes felt the luv', well there wouldn't be such a big problem now would there?

And of course when there's a celebration, there is money. Ridiculous amounts of money too. Now, I call it ridiculous, but my friend Monkey thinks that my Calvin & Hobbes collection is also a ridiculous amount of money spent. So, maybe I should retract my words and not call buying a stuffed pink panther 'ridiculous'.

So, thats love and money settled for you then. And then, of course there are lies. Ah...the deception, which makes a pretty good story. A certain Joe Rodrigo I know prefers to call it a scam, of which I choose not to take sides. Whatever floats your boat, a friend high on crack told me before.

The point? The point for all this? Not much my friends. I just felt like writing something, I felt like trying out a new writing style. I felt like I am a blogger who writes articles with content, even though it may be filled with utter ridiculous musings. I am trying not to blog a one liner and call it a blog post. Of course many people do that and think highly of themselves, but again, whatever floats your boat.

The main point was that I wanted to share a conversation I had with a friend, codenamed Tweety.

Tweety : I hope my boyfriend didn't waste money to buy me a present

Vincent : Did you buy him a present then?

Tweety : Oh, no.

Vincent : You can't tell me that you don't have a slightest hope that he got you something?

Tweety : Nope...

Here's an observation. Nobody, and I mean nobody doesn't like getting presents. Unless of course you are like my dad. When we were younger, when we bought him presents for Father's Day and the likes using HIS money. Even so, I still think he was a bit happy. But still....nobody doesn't like receiving presents, never mind the occasion. Presents are essentially like plucking fruits from a neighbour's tree. You get instant rewards for no effort at all.

After all...who would say no to a free blowjob?


A friend high on crack?

Presents are essentially like plucking fruits from a neighbour's tree. You get instant rewards for no effort at all.

Strange analogy. The plucking does require effort. But hey, whatever floats your boat. ;)


ouch pinpin. someone terketuk your ass izzit? hehe.

well vince, that's why i'm not going to deny that i'm happy if someone gives me a present. now where's MY GIFT!!!!


"who would say no to a free blowjob?"

Actually, if a 50-something masseuse asks if you want a "happy ending" to your session; would you say yes? I said "no thank you, aunty".


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