Sunday, February 26, 2006

marketing hype

I had a quick lesson in marketing just now at the MPH warehouse sale. I was browsing through some books when I overheard a conversation nearby...

Girl : Pa! You must buy this book! It's very very very good.

Father : Hmmm...Da Vinci Code. What's it about?

Mother : Oh I heard from my friend...something about Jesus one...supposedly one of the better books out there..

Vincent : *blueak* koff koff*

So you see kids, it doesn't matter whether something is true or false. If enough people say something, everybody else assumes that it's true.

So, from this day on, if anybody wishes to address me, you MUST address me as 'Supreme Venerable Vincent "The Boy Genius" Lau'. I will ignore and disregard any other attempts to address me as anything else.


Dear Vincent (I'm only using the 3rd word in that long SENTENCE I'm meant to address you as),

*Ahem* What I meant to say is leave me the cash (oh, it's about.. RM 45), and I'll go to Haagen Dazs, and have it myself. Yeah, all by myself. I don't care if I eat till I fall sick. How's that?

What fricking date, man? ;)


I thought you didn't like being called "boy"?



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