Tuesday, February 28, 2006

such is life

Quite sometime ago, a Singaporean bloke declared to us at the dinner table in uni that Singapore were on their way to becoming self-sufficient in terms of water supply. It was then, he said, that they could finally be free of Malaysia's grip. A couple of us Malaysians, fully knowing where this was leading to, decided to take the piss out of him in front some other people from different countries.

"Oh yeah? How?" I asked.

The Singaporean bloke then proceeded to (proudly) explain about NEWater and the excellent water treatment technology behind it - reverse osmosis, membranes, and the whole familt value package. Conveniently he failed to mention the source of water. My Sabahan friend, feeling a little mischievious poked him a little harder and got him to spill the beans.

"Sewage waste," he declared.


"Are you fucken' kidding me, mate?"

Of course, the Singaporean argued that it was proven to be cleaner than the drinking water in our homes. And of course, we would not dispute that fact. What was 'interesting' was the recycling of shit and piss that shocked the other people to the core.

Feeling a little agrieved that the Sabahan guy and I mocked him mercilessly over the PooWater, he then retorted, "Your Malaysian water pipes are just as dirty as shit water." To which my fellow countryman calmly replied, "One day your reverse osmosis plant will break down and you guys will end up drinking shit."

A few years later, fast forward to tonight, I was watching the Discovery Channel and that particular programme featured the woman behind NEWater. Turns out that she is a Malaysian. So in theory, the Kadazan guy could have been right.

Conspiracy theory time, folks!

See, the Malaysian government put a Malaysian in charge of what would be the most important neccesity of Singapore in the event of a war between the two countries. And if a war should break out, the Kadazan's curse of the reverse osmosis failure might just ring an eerie sounding bell.

No, but seriously. All stupid jokes aside.

The whole programme went on and on about her successes and obviously included a lot of praises from people who knew her. Such a successful woman.

Or so it seemed.

At the end of the programme, it was mentioned that she stays with her grandmother and a couple of dogs. Successful? To some people, maybe. To me, never. Here we have a woman who managed to succeed in the corporate world where others envy her. She has all the money in the world to spend, but at the end of the stressful day, instead of going home to the loving arms of a husband and adorable kids, she goes home to a couple of dogs.

Money and success doesn't buy you everything folks. Well, at least not in my books.


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Interesting entry.

But now the Singaporeans are laughing at you Selangorian/KLians.

You guys are literally drinking/bathing unfiltered shit/piss water now after the floods. :P


the point of the article wasn't about the quality of the water, you muppet.

besides, i stay in pj and theres nothing wrong with the water for the last few days.


maybe she really likes dogs..

Some women are bent on staying single and they escape the loneliness by keeping dogs.

When this happens, not a chance any man can replace the dogs.


Dogs have big penises.

Tiger has even bigger penises. *LOL*

Maybe she.. uh.. swings the other way.

Okay, maybe I do agree with whoever told me that that expression should only be used for men.


Nicely written. The love-hate relationship between us and our neighbour is FOREVER there. ;)

so she is filthy rich but goes home to dogs...

at 25 it doesnt make me feel better tho

le sigh



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