Monday, February 13, 2006

valentines day advertorial

It may be just a wee little too late if you are sitting here at this moment, reading this and you suddenly remembered, 'Oh crap....I haven't bought sweetie-poo her Valentine's Day present.' In which case, you should be thankful for Vincent and his B*tchingLOG, for this article should give you a pretty good last minute gift idea.

Ok, let's be honest here alright....quarrels and arguments maketh the relationship. Everybody needs to release some steam every now and then, and that is where the passion behind the relationship is cooked to perfection. If you imagine the majestic Gunung Krakatua with all its volcanic fury, it is a million times more interesting than Gunung Ledang, with or without the sweet Puteri.

Of course, like Krakatua, there is always a source of all the fury where inequlibrium manifests in the average relationship. Most of the time, this source can be pinpointed to the phenomenon of 'that time of the month'. In fact, that phenomenon which is more commonly known as a period very much resembles a volcano, both literally and metaphorically.

And so, what better way to remind your loved one of the fury and passion of your relationship than to present him/her with a box of the finest tampons around?

No, don't laugh folks. This is as serious as serious gets. If you are a guy, you are probably a practical person and would like to get her something she can use. Flowers don't really cut it because there isn't much she (or you can do with it). Besides, the next time she has her period, and starts using the tampons that YOU gave her, she might just think back of how thoughtful and understanding you have been towards her period and instead of blowing up, she might just give you some extra lovin'.

Just when you thought that this isn't a gift suitable for both sexes (like chocolates), think again. I know you women love symbolism and a gift of a small pack of tampons to your man is every bit as symbolic as the Statue of Liberty (ok, ok...maybe a tad of irony there as well). It goes to show him the suffering that you go through as a woman with the hope that he becomes more loving and understanding during that dreaded time of the month.

On his part, well, he would probably stash it in a dusty drawer somewhere, but you can be sure that he would never EVER forget that you gave him a pack of tampons. And hence, everytime you nag him a little and he tries to get annoyed, he would suddenly think of the tampons and miraculously become guilty, thus letting you get away with murder. Who knows? He might even sacrifice Saturday night football for you...

What are you guys waiting for? Go out and buy a 12 pack Tampax right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Great Review returns after a long absence for a special encore. If you didn't already hear about The Great Review, you jakun, then quickly proceed to the links below and catch up on previous episodes.

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Returning soon to a B*tchingLOG near you..

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tampons just remind her that you would like to get into her panties...

which might not be such a good/bad thing depending on the girl...

Wow.. You're really 'smart' huh? In fact, you're so smart that I don't even need to tell u infuriatingly insulting implications behind this 'wonderful' gift of yours..

Fucker.. I got a slap for following your advice..

Ahaha. Kudos, dood.

I don't think I'd mind getting some tampons. But I'd prefer something more Hallmark. Heh. Girl ma.

Those who got insulted should know that it's time to get de-constipated.

And those who followed through and got unfortunately screwed in return should reconsider their choice of mates.


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