Sunday, March 12, 2006

a clean slate

A few days ago, I heard an inspiring, if not down right whacky story. Of course, things like that happen for a reason. If you ask them religious blokes out there, they will attribute it to a higher power (and one with a very bad sense of humour, I might add) rewarding you to balance out some karmic forces of some sort. If you ask me, I think stuffs like that happen to get you to recontemplate how you live, or in this case, how you deal with adversities.

I wrote something I truely believed in. As far as that goes, I have always done that from day one. And for that, I offer no apologies. But after the aforementioned story, chats with countless people and a couple of emails, I realised that my readership had all this while appealed to sensible people, young or old regardless. I am thankful and very much prefer a readership of 300 sensible people who read my views, sit back and contemplate those views and most of the time keep their opinions close to hand than a legion of 800 fanbois who stick with me blindly.

I have learnt that 'maturity' is a silly concept, for who are we to judge whether someone is mature or not? We call someone matured and rational if they succumb to our way of life and have the same mentality as us. Or is it all a matter of age and no less? For I have seen jobless middleaged people bumming around leeching off others, but no one would call a 40 year old man 'immature', the same way no one seems to call a 35 year old man who ditched work to take to the streets 'immature'.

The sarcasms and the twisted humour will continue, as will the occasional 'social commentary' posts for that is still very much ME. Taking either of those topics away from this blog would be hypocritical, for they are not ME. Yet, if there is room for improvement, it would be the total avoidance of replying to morons the same way I did in the last few posts (damn I just called them morons! Bad Vincent!)

But seriously, I may say all this, yet be human again when the next troll comes along and react badly but I again offer no apologies to that. However, that is my goal and we shall see what happens...


hey, I read ur blog for an alternative perspective of the issues in ur country. Keep it up. I have no vested interest in Msia affairs. So i aint biased when I say ur views appear to be well-argued.

name calling and attacking the public for having different views than yours is not maturity.

To the anon. above:

I don't think most of us come here to get a dose of maturity (that however depends though, that's up to whoever who decides to come here, anyway.)

For whatever reason lah, anyway I'm still waiting for his piece on the 21-year old PHD in Aussie.


neoragex: Nope, I don't exactly have an opinion on that kid. I don't know him, I don't know his character, nor do I know about his lifestyle, and neither do any of us to be able to make a judgement.

I have seen enough geniuses in my time though. I heard of a guy getting his 'professor' status at 29 and now of course this guy getting his phd at 21.

My puny brains on the other hand only managed to get my Masters at 20.


Unfortunately your EQ has not kept up.

wait, did you just insult me? oh, it was just me being too sensitive. =P

I have one question:

What's maturity? Does it have anything to do with being macho?


tigerjoe : that is perfect.. mature = macho.. i don't know why i never thought of that.. hahaha

why is it that most of the people who come here to oppose the writer's views always post as anonymous.. at least use some sort of identification so that we can distinguish between the many blank faces...


"My puny brains on the other hand only managed to get my Masters at 20."

OMG! ... Bet u haven't even finished kindergarden.Go back to your papa, kid.


You call them "morons"? Now that is bad! Bad boy, Vincent! Not that I wish to split hairs, but I think that protesting over a 30 sen price increase is more because these people are in self-denial, or are ignorant rather than intentionally moronic. Of course, there could be a few who are genuinely moronic. Still, couldn't you have used something softer, like "intelligence-challenged"?

then it would defeat its purpose, for they would nvr understand that insult.

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