Friday, March 10, 2006

fish bait

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I appreciate the fact that many of you reading this only started reading my blog since that ridiculous debate. However, less you go on further making a complete fool of yourself, there are two things you should really know about me.

1) I live and breathe sarcasm. It is my forte the same way camwhoring is other people's.
2) I make a living taking the piss out of people.

And since I take it that most of you are n00bs, I'll be nice this time and explain something to you. For example, if I write something totally bohliao like yesterday's post, that means I am setting bait for unsuspecting labi-labi to bite.

And boy did you suiyu bite and bite hard....

Lemme ask you though, how is it possible to read something like that and really take it seriously, and with all the italic words at the right places too?? Really guys, how does it feel to be a rocket scientist?

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Dude, despite you having no brains , i'm amazed where you got such intelligence to fool me. C'mon, be honest, who taught you that?

ok....never mind about the rocket scientist...how does it feel to be PWNED by someone with 'no brains'??

i dunno man, when you gotta explain yourself over and over again what you're trying to say, i'm thinking maybe you're not really a natural snark, i mean yeah.... like you're seriously bad at it, this sarcasm business. sure you could say that you're just too prodigious to be figured out by mere mortals but yeah, keep telling yourself that girl.

Oh, look Hobbes! Another philistine!

Sarcasm is not meant to be understood by people you know. Hence the word, SARCASM.


The fucktard vincent fucked up and got publicly raped.

He's just trying to hide behind his sarcasm as excuse and defense.

He's not really that smart.
I bet ya he shitted in his pants these few days over that fuel hike piece.

None of his blog friends/buddies could do anything to help him, and those that do try to butt in like fugly bimbo skay just had to open herself up to be raped further in public. Not even pissylicious minislut could do anything for his stupidity.

He further displayed his ignorance and stupidity at kimberly's blog http://www.kimberlycun.com/blog/?p=441

Har har, stop trying to hide lar idiot. We know how stupid you are now. You were shitting in your pants and clearly displayed it.

Don't bother trying to do damage control. You never expected such huge reaction towards your fuel hike pieces.

You blinked, you screwed up, just admit it and apologize for your stupid mistakes.


aww girl, if it's not meant to be understood, then why bother to utter anything? this is pointing out the obvious again, but really you ought to look up the meaning of SARCASM. no wonder you keep making a fool out of yourself, now we know. poor girl getting it all wrong from the beginning.


1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

3. The use of sarcasm. See Synonyms at wit1.

All I read is the public wounded Vincent by the loads. Those who tried to defend him will have to think thrice less they get scratched as well.

Vincent, the issue is over. You could either apologize, leave it alone, or continue doing what yer doing now, trying to revive your ego and drag the issue again and again to confirm you're stupid.


I must agree that he's pretty damn smart to say/imply that he intended it all along... right from the start...

Of course, the public can choose to believe that, or not... damage control? Maybe, maybe not...

I am of the opinion that he got totally ass-raped at his previous entry's comment box and also at kim's comment box (link as above: http://www.kimberlycun.com/blog/?p=441 )

I must acknowledge though that he really kept people coming to his site ... (even if it was just for people to bash the sh1t out of him) ... commendable...

But it makes one wonder, is it worth it to do a William Hung just for the sake of being 'femes'... (In other words, displaying utter stupidity and getting raped and PWNed to increase readership... good? bad?)

Anyway, keep the posts coming... you're providing a channel for everyone to enjoy themselves by picking on your arrogance and errors... good good

I am for sure not complaining...


I guess we have to wait for S-kay to come to his rescue again.

Remember though. No reply to her comments, please.

Else we will be accused of not being her to understand it and also probing too deep into her personal life.


i think kimberlycun is more sarcastic than you but you are funnier than her.

taking off ur pants to fart?

Shucks! Blogger comment kaput-ed last night. Anyway, I wrote :

*Rescuing Vincent*

Remember, no matter what I say, Peter said you MUSN'T reply to my comments BECAUSE you will be ACCUSED of not being able to understand it and also probing too deep into my personal life.

Don't reply ok? Be good and listen to Peter. LOL.

Jokes aside,

OMG Vincent, "I am setting bait for unsuspecting LABI-LABI to bite" ????

It's been ages since I last heard someone used "labi-labi". Hahahaha.


you're funny...we need more people like you in this world, or else everyone will turn into holier-than-thou fuck-ups who think they know best about every damn thing.

then the world will be in a sorry state.


Yea melanie he's funny. A real CLOWN.

Vince wanna join my circus ? We have an opening now.



Clarifications here kids:

1) Fuel hike post - NOT A JOKE. No need to cover my ass.

2) Yesterday's bohliao post - BAIT.

Have a nice weekend. I'll be away. Feel free to rape the rest of the comment box.


Weel, at least i admit i have no brains. Can you? Say it out loud!
Screw you man, its crap that we use so much time to make comments, it's just useless. You won't change until sumthin happens to you. or mayb u're just another guy who shits in your pants who wants to feel more macho. Screw you. Anyways, how does it feel to be screwed by a 17 year old?


In internet everypne can hide themselves .


If you treat your readers as idiots and think pissing people off is your day job, don't be surprised when you get unwelcomed comments, including digging out your background and getting humiliated because of it. You leave no moral obligation for anyone to defend you when you're ragged to pieces by the public.

Don't expect any respect from your readers when you offer them none.


why you all wasting time on a 21 year young KID ?

YJ, if you against me you can call me watever u want la. At least i noe someone who can't take it.

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child prodigy? NAH..Chan Yao Ban IS PRODIGY ;)

ur like David Beckham who only has ONE skill ie. dead balls and your skill is bitch. Like a girl.


Yea, we have a term for this kind of people.

It's called a MaleBitch.

Male with a CheeBaiChui.


Yea vince, go compare yourself to this kid also 21 like you.



Yeay! You are all famous now, because you've got your very own hate fans already.



jenn : What do you mean I am famous NOW?? I was famous all along.

I've been following your blog for a few months now, but never dared to comment because this area is just like a very volatile minefield. Either ways, I'm still following your blog because it's good fun, and because it's gloriously sarcastic and satirical. Just the way I like it.

I wish I could write as sarcastically as you do, but I tend to get taken out of context. I might not agree with everything you say at times, but I won't comment unless I really need to, and I don't like getting into catfights. So I'm just here to say hi and happy blogging, coz I'm reading.


Yeah right vince , famous all along. I only got to see your name when i went to a gay porn website. What're you doin in there anyways?

Dang! Someone beat me to this topic already. Link:


...Meet Dr Chan, high achiever with a PhD at 21...

Eh.. I've been waiting for you to come up with a new post on this subject la...

Eagerly waiting... So c'mon c'mon your readers are waiting


Phd vs a lowly man girl Engineer stuck in Malaysia which is hated by the public.

Tsk tsk tsk. Even DrChan looks better than what minislut described of this cuntface.


vincent, such a pity that many blogreaders who consistently leave aggressive comments on your blog are usually envious folks trying to pick a fight to lift their boring lives.

anyway, keep writing but beware of stalkers... haha!


such rage...shud be used against XX lor.

p.s- congrats on acquiring your new flamer.


good shit!

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