Thursday, March 02, 2006

just a few suggestions

How about you guys just shut the fuck up already?

It's already been two fucking days since they raised the prices. Why the hell are you still babbling like kids in school bitching over some pissy teacher who gave you extra homework? We all know that the government is not going to lower the price just because you bitch more than a housewife with rabies. And we all know that despite all that price hike, you idiots are still going to go about your daily life. Just bite the dust dammit.

And another thing. Kids are not supposed to attempt to write social/political commentaries. I've explained it before. Most kids (and when I say kids, I mean idiots aged 18-25) don't know squat about the world, and hence are not qualified to give their shitty assed opinions about social policies. Know your limitations. You aren't Vincent Lau, because frankly, you guys can try till you drop dead but still won't be able to write a masterpiece like this. And for fucks sake, if you do want to try to make a fool of yourself, there are many better ways to go about it than to post your inane opinons which you based on inaccurate facts.

How about...if it is expensive to go out, you stay home and watch tv? Goddamit. It's like an AhBeng who wants to go to Sunway Lagoon but the entrance fee costs a bomb - so he fucking doesn't go there until he has enough money. So, if you morons think you are too poor to pay for petrol so that you can go out with your friends, well....stay home, save money then go out next day. I drive a car. I pay for my petrol. I have, like the rest of you, a shitty pay. What's the fucking difference?

Just now I bumped into one of the many such crap on PPS. Apparently, some people want to hold a protest in front of the KLCC on Friday at 2pm. So let me get this straight. Government raises the price of fuel. You ain't happy cause it stretches your wallet. No money, you say.

It's Friday. It's 2pm. If you are a Muslim, mosque just ended and you should be heading back to office. If you are not a Muslim, there's no excuse. You're supposed to be working you lazy bastards. Here's a suggestion you fucking idiots. How about you get a job like the rest of us? Maybe then you can afford the petrol.

*I haven't ranted like that in ages. My job isn't a stressful one. Really*

Update : I've read in a few places that people are opposed to the hike because of 'bad timing'. Pray tell me, any one of you fucking morons, when would it be 'GOOD TIMING' to raise the price and ask people for more money? Quite simply put, there will NEVER be a good time. However, things like this just MUST be done. So, shut your gap already. It is 1.57pm. I hope, by some divine intervention, the skies will open up within the next few minutes and start pouring over the jamooks standing outside KLCC.


I doubt those whiners are working as they claimed to be . Even my niece was in a bad mood and rambling about wanted to sell her only few months old Myvi . Can't say she's a whiner because she has been worked hard for this car .

In Low Yat they threw in many conspiracy theories about the gov's decision to raise price . Even if they are , isn't it the chance for them to learn to save ? Bleh , maybe I am such a boring asshole because I only have toys collecting as my hobby , so whatever floats their boats . And the decision to work for opposition ? I don't want to comment as they will forget it anyway , anyhow .

I hope the whiners are not some hardcore poor , which they know shit how to online in the first place . The money should go to the real poor , not them .


People aren't really against fuel hike per-se, but it's that people don't trust the government to make proper use of the savings from the hike. The excuse of channelling funds to public transportation is very vague. MAS is also public transportation. ;)

Malaysia has expensive fuel, poor public transportation and crazy car prices.

What other alternatives do people have for transportation ? Transportation is a key foundation in an economy.

The economy is going to suffer from the chain reaction and in addition to the poor transportation issue.

Don't assume this is a PAS only thing.
The people are not happy, and they have the right to voice out their unhappiness peacefully in a protest.

Never underestimate massive public frustrations.


damn, 2.25 pm, i missed it


Rambling about "kids" when you yourself are a mere 21 years old. Maybe if you didn't have such a thick skull you would realize that people are complaining that:

a) The price increase is 30 cents, a whopping one-fifth increase from the old price of 1.62 per litre. That is the SINGLE LARGEST INCREASE in recent times. So yes its bad timing. And bad planning. The government should have increased petrol in smaller increments to reduce the fallout and allow the working class more time to adjust.

Anyone with half a brain (ok, in your case a quarter) realizes that if you increase petrol prices by such a large margin, widespread profiteering will follow. And it already has. Ask your mum about price increases, 'kid'.

b) The fact that the government has raised prices while doing little to improve the public transport system, which is hopelessly chaotic, doesn't serve many areas, pricey and never on time. For kids like you who don't do anything but "go out with friends" of course there isn't much fallout - just go out less.

For working class people with kids who need to be sent to school, tuition etc etc, and who also need to move around the city a lot due to work the price increase is a massive burden. PLUS they can't even rely on public transport (especially not for work).

c) The fact that the bloody government refused to announce the news of the increase until 10.30pm the night before the increase. This resulted in many, many people being caught out and forced to pay higher prices just so the privileged few who knew about it earlier can fill up without queuing with dozens of other cars.

In short, there is plenty of fucking difference. Maybe fucking morons like you will choose to blind your eyes to the outrageous actions of the government, hey its your right to do so, but little shits like you who sit on your hands and criticize others who are willing to protest to make a difference just get on my nerves.


This post is funny. heh. Agree with Anonymous.

you know, at this point here vince, i do want to agree with anonymous.

UNFORTUNATELY he had to be too chicken feet to reveal his name. So Anonymous, I really want to applaud you for all that you've said, but then again, you had to be Anonymous. The fuck.

And vince, I still think it's fucking absurd to reveal the price hike on a Monday, no less, at 1030. A decision like that must have been made a long time ago. And 30 sen is KILLING all right?


anonymous : Hello. I am a kid, yes, but a pretty fucking smart one if you didn't already notice.

a) You talk about large increases and how it leads to widespread profiteering. Now, I don't claim to be an economist or a social studies engineer, and I am pretty sure you aren't one. As such, I prefer to listen to Pak Lah has to say:

"Doing it bit by bit is more difficult because the prices of other goods would increase more often. It is better to increaase it once and if prices of other things need to be increased too, it will also happen once"

Like you said, I don't know jack shit, so I went to ask mummy what happenned last year when they kept increasing it bit by bit. My mummy said that everytime there was an increase, everything went up. And if you use that puny little head of yours, you would understand that bit by bit increases aren't good because there would exist a high level of uncertainty. People prefer to do business where there is a lower or no risk involved. By hiking the price just ONCE, the government can guarantee that there will be no more hikes until the end of the year, hence eliminating all uncertainty.

Wahey....what do you know? Looks like I am an economist after all. How does it feel that an ENGINEER just taught you some basic finance?

b)I don't have kids, but unlike you (who I presume skipped work to go protest) I have a fucking job. And yes, I drive to work. But see, that job helps me PAY for petrol you know. Your kids can take the school bus. It not only saves petrol, it saves the environment from pollution you know.

c) Did you go out and pump petrol on that night? I did. It was a fucking madhouse. People were on the verge of slaughtering each other just to get to a petrol kiosk. Can you imagine the widespread chaos that would ensue had they announced it earlier and given more people time to hear about it? And if you think about it, had you found out about it, you would have saved RM15-RM20 max. So one of the you are pissed at the government for costing you RM15?!?! I won't fault you (and your terrible analytical skills) for your earlier point, but this is a really WEAK point. What the fuck is wrong with you??

d) Outrageous acts of our government? There are plenty! Bad healthcare, shitty education system, bad public transportation...just to name a few. But here we have idiots like you, complaining when they goverment is TRYING to reduce the subsidy so that they can TRY to pay for all that. Outrageous act you say? No, outrageous is people like you who want improvement in social services, but expect all that money to drop from the sky.

How does it feel to be PWNED by a 'kid'??


Well said Vincent.

People who complain about 30 sen should be more grateful it wasn't 50 sen. Or even RM 1.


21 and already drive to work ? Boy I wish I was that lucky.

My bank account was near zilch at that age and no way I could afford even the downpayment of a car.

Not to mention the monthly installments will eat into the new salary.


I dunno man, I don't find prices of good being raised multiple times per year even constitute as a factor to consider, not in economic sense, not even in any layman's mind. Being made to pay so much so early (love to use the word ripped-off but of course that'd be idiotic) would embitter anyone. You're an engineer, surely you could have figured out that gradual increase of fuel price would have helped people to save more annually. Heck, if the government were more transparent instead of dropping these bombs suddenly, we could even plan our finances better (fuck the "No increase for the rest of the year. Don't know about next year yet). Again, what is the problem with multiple increase in prices of goods again?

shadowfox : Not to let too much personal information loose, trust me when I say, I have a shit load of bills to pay.

kim : I shall explain it in my next post.


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