Tuesday, March 07, 2006

of eating chillies

A baboon and a hyena were walking side by side in a mushy swamp. Of course, you would be wondering, how it is possible that a jungle baboon and hyena from the savannahs got together in the same place, let alone a swamp? I could tell you a long story of how an evil Sang Kancil forced them to be, but then you would be wondering how the hero Sang Kancil turned evil.

Cutting straight to the chase, the baboon and hyena who weren't vey good friends in the first place, decided that they would let each other be as they carried on their own business in the swampy swamp. We should cue the suspense button here, but since there isn't a suspense button in the swamps, we shall just go on to say excitedly, "SUDDENLY......the baboon chanced upon abunch of bright red chillies."

Of course, some of the more astute of you will be thinking, "Chillies don't come in a bunch..." Then of course, a fewer number of your smart guys out there would be thinking, "Never mind about the bunch, what the hell are chillies doing in a swamp??" However, only the sharpest of you lot would realise that there is nothing unusual about a bunch of chillies in a swamp since none of the earlier stuffs made sense anyway.

And the baboon, being a baboon, decided to make a monkey out of himself. He took the whole bunch of bright red chillies and stuffed it all into his mouth at once. If there is one thing that is completely unusual about this story, it is the fact that nothing unusual happened here. As you would expect, the baboon, upon shoving the chillies into his mouth jumped with glee (yes, this part IS unusual) and started cursing in a million languages. He tries to spit all the chillies out but his tongue continued to burn for ages long. Terrified, yet enlightened with his new unpleasant experience, after the burning sensation had subsided, he turned to the hyena and said, "Go on mate, have some" as he pointed to the mushed up pulp of chilly that he had just regurgitated.

Yes, you might find some chilly munched on and spit out by a baboon the most disgusting thing you have ever seen, but to the hyena it was nothing unusual. The hyena however wasn't having any of it. "I've seen how hot it is, I think I'll pass..." The selfish baboon, trying to inflict suffering upon his companion said, "Yes, it is hot, but you won't know how hot it is until you've tried it. Siapa makan cili dialah yang terasa pedas, tau tak?"

(If you are wondering where the baboon had suddenly learnt BM from, then you have an IQ comparable to a watermelon, and it would be advisable to leave now, less you damage your brains any further)

The hyena, not impressed by the baboon and his sob stories, retorted back, "My tongue may not know how it tastes, but my eyes saw you jumping around in agony, my ears heard you screaming in pain, and my heart bled when I saw and heard all that. After all that, I do not need to eat the chilly to know that it is a vile fruit"

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Hey dude, I was quite obnoxious as well in my replies to you and Skay.

If I had pissed off anyone, my apologies.

I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings.

It was a reflex reaction.

Hope you all can forgive me.

No point fixing a permanent opinion on anyone. I will rather make more friends than enemies.

I've had my fair share of humble experience as well.

Take care!


i dunno about you, but after all the name calling and irrelevant discussions that went on in the last couple of entries, i find the above super bizarre.

anyway, yet another children's story? got any nanowrimo plans this year?


this have sthing to do those people who asked you not to live with your parent, buy own car,etc.. cool!

I demand vincent to rewrite the infamous Bunny & Turtle race .

Aahh... yes. The good ol' reflex action.

I usually blame my penis, but that's just me.


hey... someone could be simply impersonating him to post messages here, ok? hiding behind the anonimity of cyber screen... bah! just like what i am doing... putting words in someone else's mouth!

oh.. so it could be done? hmm... the next thing i know, someone will start impersonating s-kay and lishun...

this reminds me of those cartoons on tv2 last time... "jangan monyet jangan!"

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