Monday, March 06, 2006


Slyvester : you know what your selling point is?

Vincent : what?

Slyvester : you're 21 and you make a shit load of noise...people aren't used to that.

Vincent : So what? If they agree with you, you are a child genius. Otherwise you are an immature tin kosong...double edged sword you know...

Slyvester : But that's how stuff works...you are still one of the more popular 21-year old bloggers out there....

Vincent : Nola. Got that stupid bimbo. She also femes wat..

Slyvester : Which one?

Vincent : Neh that famous one...clever to post pics of herself but no content one..

Slyvester : Which one la??

Vincent : You fucking blur la...Neh that woman you go her site first thing you see she greet you big big picture..

Slyvester : knnccb...WHICH ONE!?!?

Vincent : You damn idiot.....the one where horny perverts like you go to see pretty face only...

Slyvester : Machauhai............GOT TWO OK!?! Which one you talking about?

Vincent : Oh yeah hor!!!....hahahahahaha..

Slyvester : Ironic, huh? The way they both hate each other so.....


kimberly-CUMS and you are truly matched, she is carbon-copy of you, both of you should get married!

You must be talking about minishorts!

Eh sorry.. tersalah baca la.

You said "pretty face" right? Duh. My bad.


Oh, how nice. Two commentors who lack the balls to insult someone they hate and leech on my insults.

Sigh. Sad ain't it. Gonna go cry me a river now.



Who? Who?

*very the blur - just finished hibernating*

(Guess who's back?!)


u need balls to insult minishorts??? oh my... look at my pair of godzilla ones. and aint it a shame that i cldnt be bothered...



Err...you should perhaps try insulting her on her own blog you know. I am quite bad at passing messages.

Besides, godzilla sized balls are impractical. How are you ever going to be able to stick that carrot up there?


i think i will stick to insulting u for now since u didnt even understand the meaning of "cldnt be bothered"

such lame-ass tryhard being "snideful" and whatever..

having impractical balls is still wayyyyy better than u having balls on ur face: useless and cldnt possibly see past them to see my carrot anyways!


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