Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a rojak bowl

I am working on a particularly long piece on racism, inspired by the NST article a couple of days ago. I will come out with the full list of statistics tomorrow after I am done analysing them. But just a quickie to help me out for my research:

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

There are five options for you to choose from my question of 'Exactly how racist do you think you are?' I've just learnt this poll thingy is a little stupid. It displays the top 4 options only...you have to move your cursor over the arrow by the side plus they can't display the whole question if it is a little too long. But anyways, help me out a little, will you?


i donch know ur def of racist, but for me, i can hv any frens frm any race and have no problem with wat other race do with their life but for bf/husband, strictly my own race, other race is NO-NO, so does dat mean im racist?no rite

His definition of racist is any Chinese who criticizes the govt/system.

I've been told I shag anything that moves. That's not quite true, as I only shag anything that's female.

Does that make me sexist?


tigerjoe : Well, you may be sexist, but the Animals' Rights Groups wouldnt find fault with you...hahahaa..

everyone's a racist, it's just that not everyone is willing to admit it

im a chinese and proud, come be racist 2 me lah, i dun mind..hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahaha

Ahh ... how can u not be a racist with governments like this ... they're obviously giving too much privilege to their own race ... how bout a chinese or indian pm for a change?

how about you keep quiet for a change?

I dunno bro ... haven't tried it before ... mayb i shud give it a try ... u can't do that tho ... wanna try too?

what is so wrong with having a chinese pm, but ofcourse, not gonna happen

actually, there is an issue which i wish to discuss in the next couple of days.

no, nothing wrong with a chinese PM. but you accuse the government of being 'racist' because we have had 5 malay PMs...wouldn't it be equally 'racist' then to demand that you want a chinese PM just becuase of his skin?

you don't you say...i want a good PM, an uncorruptible PM, a Malaysian PM, instead of picking the race?


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