Friday, March 10, 2006

tongue in cheek

I can't believe that I had for just one small moment the other day doubted whether I was indeed as awesome as I thought I was....

Events of today convinced me that I am not just awesome, I am fucking brilliant. And heck, I am ONLY 21, you know.

Come on kids, worship your king!

(if you really do know me outside the cyberworld, feel free to buzz me and I will happily brag about how I saved the world from catastrophy today)


All hail the king!!!
If u're the king, no wonder everythings a failure nowadays.


I can't bow to you , as my back hurt .

Bobby : Including what you do? =P I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. Heehee.

Yungjie : I hear young people with backache usually participate in too many 'self excitation' exercise regiments

I was wondering why you were in such a celebratory mood.

Someting happened... :D

You never know s-kay, you never know.

And vince, please don't be so goddamn arrogant, it just makes me wanna kick your ass.

And before I forget, I don'y think the government is helping the poor. They're using our money to produce Mawi cell phones and Mawiland member cards. I mean what the fuck is wrong with this country? Screw Mawi.

Mawi phones, i assume you're talking about the fucktard crony company called M-Mobile with parent Kosmo.

They are lobbying hard for an AP system, to impose tax on all foreign brands such as nokia,motorola etc.

The weird thing is not only do they want the foreign cellphones to be taxed like imported cars, they also want to be the one to be given the power of distributing APs to those who want to import foreign cellphones.



Ahem...the topic at hand is "Vincent the Great", thank you very much.


What's so grand about being 21? You're gonna age like everybody anyway.

The king is not wearing any clothes.

OH in that case, I'd rather have Mawi the great (despite hating him so goddamn much) instead of you , vincent.

And I know you think you're the most intelligent human in the world, vince. I'm very sorry, but you're not. Face the truth. Never was you, never will be you.

gosh now you're not only a former child prodigy, you're also a superhero?! wow. can you hear the stands chanting? "vincent, vincent, vincent..." lol.

Anonymous said...

"What's so grand about being 21? You're gonna age like everybody anyway."

I know man. Ageing sucks big time. They used to call me Child Prodigy you know.


Child Prodigy... Haha...

No matter how prodigious you are at that time, you're stil a CHILD.

Grow up, kid.


Dude, let's see what you did that made you feel like you're king la. Wait, you always feel like you're king. Just see if the thing you take for granted is what i do 3 times a day.

Agree, grow up KID.

For someone who write stuff like how to start a blog war, you sure could get some lessons in NEVER starting a war with the common people.

Your art of blogwar needs revision. You should read my book. *LOL*

That acne laced bitching unmarried self professed virgin kaypohchi auntie minishorts of yours sure could use some lessons in how not to be an opinionated hypocrite.


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I didnt know Sun Tzu is still alive, IT-literate and is even able to write in English.

*chants* Vincent, vincent, vincent, vincent, vincent, vincent

Would help if you know how to spell the word 'catastrophe' correctly. =p

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