Saturday, April 01, 2006

the audience

Streamyx has let me down for the first time ever. My line has been sort of down since Friday, but it's not as if I made any attempts to fix it, so I shall not complain anymore. But as a result of that, I wasn't able to post anything on the blog birthday on the 31st. It's been two freaking years I have been out there entertaining you guys, educating you guys and above all - pissing you guys off big time.

And of course, since it was down on Saturday as well, I couldn't do an April Fool's post, although why people still try to trick people online - I never get it. And no fellars, it doesn't count as an April Fool's joke if you did your prank before the day itself. But heck, who am I to say? I think I pissed off way more people this year than I did the previous year - first with the blog war prank thingy and then later on with the petrol thingy. Eyeris says I have an uncanny ability to piss people off. I think I shall not argue on that point.

But it got me thinking.....

I reckon I have many types of audiences.

There are of course the hardcore fans who keep refreshing my page 5 times a day wondering why I haven't updated.

Then there are the slightly more astute blokes who are wondering why I bother explaining stuffs like in the first paragraph. They read stuffs and they contemplate its meaning quietly.

Of course, there are the Nemesis who insist my blog is the worse thing ever on the Intern

Bah. Who am I kidding?

I only have two types of readers - The Average Joe and The Average Dumbass.

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Whaddaya mean average Joe?! I'm Joe, fullstop.

what's with the obsession with polls, people?!

It's just Vincent =P

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