Tuesday, April 11, 2006

glamourous jobs

It isn't a myth that most people think a doctor's job is glamourous. Of course, once you start trudging through the mud of Med School, and work like a slave for most of your younger years will you come to realise that it maybe isn't as glamourous as ER would have you believe. Of course, once you are done with MedSchool and internship and specialised in geriatrics, you then get to look at old saggy pussies all day long which does nothing more than to heighten all that glamour.

I was watching 'Catch Me if You Can' the other day and they portayed the job of an air stewardess to be a glamourous one. But of course, that was back in those days where only the rich and elite could afford to fly. Nowadays, since everybody can fly, the steoreotype would have it that stewardess are nothing more than a pretty looking waitress who flies and gets to serve Ah Choy the jakun. "Coffee or tea, sir?"

But hey, that's just me.

I prefer to work on an Oil Rig in the middle of the sea. I've always wanted to do that since I was a kid and then when I went to visit Petrosains in Form 4, I was utterly convinced. Of course, some would argue that digging up slush that was formerly a bunch of dead dinosaurs (and their fart) would hardly seem like an ideal job for most.

Still, I would argue that the coolest job around would be that of a lawyer. Not everybody gets to go to work everyday with a forked tongue, you know.


I reckon the coolest job ever would be as crime scene investigator.

Of course, it would make a big difference whether I were stationed at the Hollywood or Balakong crime labs.


Lawyer is our friend AND our enemy , the only thing that they don't get loath is they just doing their job .

I like airplane , as it's such a marvel transportation , so yea I always day dream about getting near to an airplane , not in a kinky way XD .


I wanna be a lecturer.

i think workin at oil rig is cool too. i was in heaven when i got through stage (2 out of 4) interview by schlumberger...

Crime scene investigators are not as cool as you think, tigerjoe. Next to the police and the person who discovered the crime scene, you get to go upclose and personal with the whole crime area, which can be stomach churning. Plus, the job is not as glamorous as how the tv portrayed it to be. You either get down to the crime scene or u get stuck in the lab, not both. And.....you don't get to interrogate the suspect. boohoo. So there we go. :)

sugi > hey, i've got a friend who just took the schlumberger interview...got thrown out in stage 1 tho..

tigerjoe > i think CSIs are cool too! but when i think of the days when u get crap like mutilated bodies and gods-knows-what.....i'll gladly take the oil rig. at least i'll be able to watch porn in peace =P


medicine ain't that bad.. its gonna be shitty and hard for many years..but it feels good to be of service..it gives purpose..

I reckon the best job out there is being one of those people who do travel shows on tv.

You get paid to visit exotic locations, stay at expensive resorts and hotels and eat real good food all on the company's tab.


vincent, only the top lawyers go to work everyday ready to lash their sharp tongues. the majority of lawyers go to work ready for a long and tedious day of reading books, documents etc.

it is really not as glamorous as it seems. can you imagine being this kid who talked way too much and everyone told you that you should be a lawyer and so you do law and study your ass off and then once you finally graduate, you are stuck behind a desk with no one to talk to. even when you do go to court you are basically repeating the same things over and over again IN MALAY.

well.. that's what i hear from people anyway.


you heard wrong iiiii..
there's a difference between a lawyer who does litigation(goes to court most of the time) and one who's in the corporate field (the one with the deskjob)- and you don't repeat the same things either.Different cases have different facts.
and one can always request to speak in MAlay.


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