Saturday, April 08, 2006

i see idiots

If you didn't already figure out, the picture above is a screenshot of a Microsoft Word document done by someone else that made me bang my head repeatedly against the wall (and subsequently caused a small structural crack in the said wall).

Quite simply put - if you looked at the above picture and DIDN'T find anything stupid / funny / idiotic / weird / ridiculous about it, may I suggest that you press Alt+F4, shut down your computer, and take a sledgehammer and smash it to pulp. After that, you can proceed to shoot yourself - twice in the gut and once in the ass, just to make sure.

Update :

Folks, there are a shit load of things wrong with it..

The most obvious, as many of you had pointed out was the fact that the muppet should have used a table instead.

Secondly, those arrows you see are actually 'TABS'. You DON'T need to press TAB a few times to get to a particular spot in the middle of the sentence. You can easily set the TAB distance by click on the ruler at the top of the document. It is much faster and editting it wouldn't be such a bitch.

Then of course there are smaller issues like using the 'subscript' function for chemical names and the fact that 'ML' should be in smaller letters, not large ones.

Still, it is worrying that all of us have used Word at some point, and most of us still use it on a daily basis at work or in uni. Yet, there are a few simple functions which many people remain clueless about.


That is one hell of a stinkbomb recipe. :P

ok. tell me. then i'll shoot.

strength in %? shouldn't it be mols...

man..i am still waiting for someone to come along with the correct answer....guys...COME ON!

strength in flakes? quantity in ml? quantity in g? quantity in lbs? Ferric chloride is FeC13.6H2O?

Vince: ok this just proves that half the world doesn't know how to use WORD properly. wahahhaha...

what the duck's up with all the arrows? and why couldn't the fool just use a table?

Not "description"? I thought supposed to be "content"? Haha

he could have used a table instead of tabbing everything up...

oh yeah vince, also proves that a lot of ppl are eager to prove their 'kepandaian'

tapi end up proving otherwise.



he cud hav used a table instead la..

the tabs obviously. i don't think it's bad enough to bang your head repeatedly against the wall. but it's ok to bang the author's head on the wall lar ;)

WTF...thats one hell of an acidic mixture!
Look at the amount of acid in it.


owh.. well, it is bad, but there really are ppl who've never/seldom used computer before. i know a girl from china when i was in a college in uk. she was doing engineering foundation and wanted to become an electrical/electronics engineer. damn smart in maths and physics. crappy english but she worked very hard to improve it. but what almost made me bang my head back then like vincent did was the fact that she doesnt really know how to use microsoft word. not even simple formatting like bold/italic/indent, let alone table. maybe the author there comes from a similar background. shdnt be too hard on him/her ;)

You didn't mention the table thingy when you called me to rant bout it. All you said was that moron kept using the SPACEBAR instead. Lol. You and your workplace stories...

the lazy MSWord moron is obviously going to wear out his tab key and spacebar before he learns the virtues of using a table. may all his printouts appear misaligned for all eternity.


that's simply appalling - and this is coming from someone who doesn't even USE microsoft word.


vince ah, are u ever gonna post up ur photo for ur internet frens/readers here also?

if he does, he'll be brutally murdered by tomorrow.

OMGLOL. i actually "ML" as megalitres....christ. that is one serious problem especially where chemistry/engineering is concerned....freaking huge difference between "ml" and "ML" there.

obviously someone didn't pay enough attention during chemistry class. feh.


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