Monday, April 24, 2006

in yer face, suckers

Crude oil has risen to an all time high of $75 per barrel up from about $62 in February when the government decided to rise the price of fuel. Nonetheless, they are keeping their word (for now, at least) that there would be no further hikes this year. Still, I wouldn't blame them if they did - many analysts claim that they wouldn't be surprised if it hits the $100 per barrel mark by the end of the year.

I have some unanswered questions.....

Don't you guys feel like a downright moron now?

Are you thankful that it was ONLY 30 sen back then?

Aren't you glad that I explained the concept of uncertainty so now you understand why the government is not going to raise the price again this year?

Did those protestors stop protesting outside KLCC because they got bored, or because they found a job, or because they realised they were simply being numbnuts?

Have you finally grown your brains?

Have you learnt that if you are a bimbo, a kid with shit for brains, or a jobless bum, it is best you keep quiet?

Are you convinced of my genius now?

More importantly,

Would you like to start queueing up to kiss my toes and apologise for heresy?


actually i would much rather the government doesn't subsidise fuel at all and just reduces my bloody income tax.

i don't see why i should pay taxes so that some rich businessman who doesn't declare his profits and whose child get free books at school and drive around in his 4 wheel drive at my expense.

and i also don't see why i should subsidise the wastage of fuel that goes on each time a minister needs to go somewhere. what is the bloody point of having 5 cars and 20 bikes following them around? why can't they be like normal people and squeeze as many people as possible into each car? it's not like they are driving small cars.

and what about those dudes who probably don't pay taxes either who drive around in souped up modified kancils?

the biggest losers here are the salary-earning middle class citizens. they are the ones who drive fuel efficient cars and who are forced to pay every cent of their income tax.

please excuse my generalisations. i am pissed off.


Check it out, flavour of the month is now income tax.

But only because it is April. I bet you next months flavour will be... green tea?


Lol, so knew this post was coming! :P

I am expecting alot of anonymous reply to this .

Speaking of tea....let's dance . :D
"Blaze ka esa numa numa e , numa numa e , numa numa numa e........"


I drive a Toyota Prado. A fuel guzzler. I do not complain. Some may argue that 'its parents' money mar'.
But fuel economy is one of the things I try to maximise.
Yeah those losers should get a life.


vince, u so bad...but dun let kimberly-CUMS touch ur toes coz she got eczema....she can look & admire only..hahahahahahaaaaaa

vince, u so bad...but even dun let kimberly-CUMS touch ur toes coz she got eczema....she can look & admire only..*big smirk* rite or not vince dear....hahahahahahaaaaaa

ah looks like mr. anonymous came up with a more witty remark immediately after he clicked on "Publish Your Comment"... and took 2 minutes to phrase it properly. i bet he thought he cancelled it in time.

-csi tambun-


even my grandpa figured this out -.-

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