Wednesday, April 05, 2006

it sucks

I usually blog as I think. The words that you read here are exactly the words that appear in my mind at the same instant. For most of my articles, I never read back to check for spelling mistakes, and neither do I read back to rephrase my sentences. That means, most of the time, you are reading as words flow out my mouth. It is as if you are listening to me speak, for words that are blurted out cannot be swallowed back in.

But, as you noticed, I said "most of the time" because there are times when I am forced to look through and scan through the article for any sentence which might seem ambigous. Ambigous sentences always attract idiots who will invariably have shitty English and those said idiots will misunderstand the whole point of the story and then start hating me. Now, it's not as if I care if people hate me, but I do understand that there is too much hate in this world and I should try to put down on all that hate, even if it comes from a bunch of jamooks.

And of course, it is like a domino effect. When one twit misconstrues something and he leaves a comment, then another twit would read it, think that the first twit interpreted my mesage correctly and then he starts with all the hate. After a while I am left with an orc hoarde of brainless but very angry (and no doubt ugly) beasts.

So, for some articles, like most of the racial issue stories, I have to really scruntinise the content and the phrasing of a sentence, less a blog patrol policeman (or woman) comes around and tries to teach me about moral ethics.

There is a point to all this.

I was supposed to write on a very touchy subject tonight, but I realised that it would take me a shit load of time - something that is nothing short of a luxury these days (although I hope it changes soon, very soon), and I am so frustrated that I can't churn out a 20 minute sensitive article, which actually brings me to post this since small crappy nonsense like this takes no more than 10 minutes.

But you don't get it. I know that there are idiots out there, and as much as I hate it, those same idiots read this blog. Therefore, it would be incredibly negligent of me not to take proper preventive actions. Of course, even with some preventive actions, people will invariably get pissed and offended, but at least I know I did my best.

And inspite of all that, you still don't get it, do you?


People do suck sometimes. But hey, some people suck good.

tigerjoe: Everything has a sexual implication to you! *whack*

People think that all you wanna do is step on their tail, and therefore don't give two shits that you actually wanted it to hurt less.

Did that make any sense? :P


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