Monday, April 17, 2006

laughter, the best medicine

I was sitting in my uncle's house two Sundays ago waiting to go to the cemetary for the annual Qing Ming celebrations (can you call it a celebration?). While waiting, I was reading the papers when I started laughing at a particularly funny headline.

Nine year old weighs 117kg

At the hospital, Asyraaf's diet consisted of three small meals a day.

The meals, he added, consisted of bread or noodles and Milo for breakfast and rice with fish or chicken and lots of vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Despite all this, the boy takes it all in his stride.

He was all smiles when Perak police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Zainal Mohd Tahir presented him with a food hamper during a visit to the hospital's paediatric ward on Friday.

"I love chocolates, cream and wafer," he said.

I looked at the headline, looked at the caption for the picture and laughed till bits of the famous Muar otak-otak came out through my nose. Einstein couldn't have thought of a smarter thing to do. Ahh, this fat kid just came through a tough diet. Let's reward him with a hamper. No, wait...a FOOD hamper, no less!

And then on Saturday, while eating some nasi lemak just before going off to do my usual Saturday morning community service thingyamingy, I was forced to laugh so hard again until some of the jangdut sotong came out through my nose again.

Boy's weight goes up again
He blames gain on police hamper

Asyraaf Syahmie Hasri spent two months at Ipoh Hospital on a gruelling diet but after leaving it, he has in fact put on 1kg - and he's "blaming" the police for it.

The nine-year-old is now pointing the finger at a hamper that the police gave him when they visited him during Police Day on April 7.

The hamper, containing cookies, chocolates and sweet drinks, was presented to him by Perak police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Zainal Mohd Tahir.

Yesterday, Asyraaf Syahmie stood on a weighing scale at the hospital's physiotherapy centre and saw it show 118kg.

He looked at his mother, housewife Salmah Yusof, 42, and said: "Alamak, mama. Dah naik la..." (Oh dear, mama. It has gone up.)

Asyraaf Syahmie said he could have gained weight because he had eaten some of the sweet delights from the hamper.

Einstein would have been so proud of us.

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how about the latest story regarding the tight law on people hugging and kissing in public?

That boy could feed a starving ethiopian village for a day or two. :P

I doubt the boy would be a healthy diet for the ethiopian village ppl tiger =P

vince, at least he is better than kimberly-CUMS coz he doesnt have eczema!!!!!!!



i think the side effects of a very serious diabetes is 10x worse than eczema

i tend to feel bad for people who are obese because of their genes. but when gluttons are obese, i say let us laugh at them and make fun of them like we are 5 years old.

fatty bom bom!

i could also sit and eat chocolates and biscuits all day, i really could, but i don't. i am often tempted to go out and buy a huge tub of ice-cream and just sit in front of the tv and finish it.. but i don't. i'm sure this is the same for most people with even the slightest bit of self control.

we should use him as our next sukma mascot. malaysia boleh.


Don't we all want hampers. :P

It's kinda pathetic that he was trying to find the blame for his obesity , so blaming the police's hamper was an easy way out . You are such a genius FATSO !!! XD

Fatty bom bom.. I'm not sure how the rhyme goes.
I have a high metabolic rate and could eat lots too, but I don't.


You people do realise that he is only 9 right ? poor thing ..

Yups, I realised it. And when I was 9, I weighed something like 35kg.

is there a fatty bom bom rhyme? maybe i should go ask my nephew...

lil' princess : are you saying that he is too young to realise that eating too much would make him put on weight? i remember quite clearly being in kindergarten and getting screwed up by a fat classmate's mother for telling her son to go on a diet...

but seriously, do you see what happends in a generally stupid society?

a fat guy has to go to the hospital to try to lose weight, and loses maybe less than 5% of his weight, and as a reward, the people in charge of preventing crime give him a hamper full of FOOD.. not even health food mind you... sigh...

i think in future i will tell people i am from thailand


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