Tuesday, April 18, 2006

letters to the editor

Dear Vincent,

I hate socialist pricks. They make me angry. I am so angry it's not even funny. They talk all sorts of nonsense, you sometimes wonder whether their minds are so open until they have leaked out. At other times, you wonder whether they say things just because they have a tongue and feel that if they don't use it, it will go to waste. Unfortunately, they also forgot that they have a brain which they have sadly neglected.

On the other hand, you are the greatest mostest influential blogger in the whole wide world. You have radical ideas which are like, awesome.

Keep up the good work.

An annoyed person

Dear Vincent,

I have a question. How come, when we see an ugly person on the road and make fun of him it's perfectly normal. But when we see an ugly disabled person and make fun of him, you get shot, even though his ugliness has got nothing to do with his disablity?

A puzzled person

Dear Vincent,

The other day, when I was walking along the road, I saw a bunch of ducks following the mother goose (I am unsure..is the mother duck called a goose?). The whole bunch of ugly ducklings were walking in a single file following the duck in front of them. In fact, they were walking so closely, it looked like they were sniffing or kissing on each other's ass. We all know from story that baby ducks are ugly (hence, The Ugly Duckling) so why they wanted to kiss each other's ugly (and smelly) ass, I don't know.

My then girlfriend, upon observing such a weird behaviour, remarked, "Stupid n00bs kissing each other's ass." Upon hearing such an insensitive remark, I laid the smack down and sent her tumbling down the stairs, for she might have hurt the feelings of all those ugly ducklings.

An observant person


Insulting retards is bad. Retards can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it because they are retarded.

i suppose we could try to be more understanding and try to look at their actions from their perspective, to understand the reasons behind what they do and whether or not their actions are related to their disability.

you know when the mute guy goes from table to table in restaurants selling soft toys that are so ugly i wouldn't even take one if it was free?

well one of them came up to me one day while i was in the middle of my meal and offered their products to me. i like always waved my right hand so as to say that i was not interested in purchasing his product without even looking up. i don't see the point of looking at the product if it is identical to the one the previous guy brought around 5 minutes earlier. it's either that or lottery tickets or tissues or photographs of people living in filthy conditions that you don't really want to see during lunch.

so, as i was saying, after my usually magical hand wave that works 90% of the time, the guy just stood there. it turns out that he didn't like my face. i was naturally hurt as i was dying for his approval. i tried to get rid of him with another magical hand wave but once again he just stood there, gesturing to my friends that i looked moody or unfriendly or something to that effect.

it was not until i stood up in a confrontational manner did he finally leave.

i could have been reasonable and thought about the difficulty he goes through everyday, being deaf and dumb, and although i was not interested in buying the soft toy i could have smiled and said no politely.

on the other hand, i am not some air stewardess who is conditioned to smile at every person she sees.

at the end of the day, i guess a nice, kind, good-hearted person who loves cats, dogs and cockroaches and who gives half of his salary to charity would probably say that i am an evil bastard.

but i think i did the right thing.


iiii (dunno how many i's) : F.Y.I, most of them are not mute (dumb), I caught most of them speaking before. But i did buy from them stuffs before. They were nice socks ok =P And they were trying to make a half honest living. So well, I gave them a break.

And I'm guilty of laughing at a disabled before because he looked like Mr. Tippin from Narnia. Ok, it wasn't a laugh but a giggle. I'm so mean. Shoot me. It's not like they haven't laughed at others before!


all those answers can be answered with 2 simple words, butt sex

'annoyed person','puzzled person' and 'observant person' seem to be quite the intelligent folk.

ling : You seem intelligent as well.

i like the observant person..hehehe

well, make sure nobody pay for kimberly-CUMS food 2day at the blogger meet, make sure she pay for her own food coz she is going 4 the free foods..lolz

huh?? there's a blogger meet??

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