Thursday, April 06, 2006

oh my, the curses!

My friend Faith asked me the other day how come my posts were suddenly so serious these days. I was writing about stuffs like racism, all purely factual stuffs of course. See, these days I tend to write things according to my mood. It just happened that I was in a serious mood then, as I am in a playful mood now. That probably explains why I have a damn interesting piece begging to be writen but I haven't gotten down to it because there is no way I can justify such a powerful piece with my current mood.

Bah. Enough with the pretentiousness already.

It's weird how random conversations with friends can lead to age old flashbacks of a time that once was. You see, I used to have tonnes of pictures of famous hot chicks as a screen saver slideshow. One thing led to another, and I mentioned that I don't have that all so famous screensaver anymore because it got stolen along with my notebook last year.

And just then, I realised that a year today was the exact day the damn neighbourhood pikey broke intot the house and stole it. One year ago today! And of course, I went to dig up my archives to read what I had written on that particular subject, only to see this in the last paragraph:

May the virus from my computer infect you and infest your bowels with the vomit of a 1000 obese skunks till the fleas eat away at your lungs so you can't breathe and eventually resemble a dried out sea slug when you die, you contemptuous misogynic mongrel.
And of course I do know for a fact that more people hate me now than they did before, so I guess in the minds of Neanderthals, anger brings more love than hate.

*but if you think about it, it is pretty fucking funny after all*


Dude, I read through your archive. I find them thought provoking. You got yourself a moron who refreshes 4-5 times a day. I'm the one who requested a picture. Guess I'll be getting one on the 22nd eh? *wishes*
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hmm? what's going on on the 22nd?

dont worry. in death, your good virtues will be exaggerated. (Prouse).

and bugger, read your previous posts, stalker like me also kena maki.

Go Arsenal!(for this weekend only)


good sir. would love to link you back but wouldn't know if you're fine with it since you earleir stated you wouldn't like to end up in jail. will proceed with linknig next week if i dont hear further on this from your good self.

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