Saturday, April 22, 2006

you see la

The other day, they announced that co-curicular activities would count for university applications and JPA scholarships. And being one who advocates an all-rounder education, I was chuffed to hear it. But then, I learned that it would only count for a measely 10% of the whole points system. It is still pathetically measely yet some people applauded such an action.

Then sometimes, you read the papers and come across something that makes you really happy. Stuffs like this:

Kylie opts for Harvard

KUALA LUMPUR: Kylie Anne Francis was thrilled to receive a letter of acceptance from Harvard University.

What is more, she does not even have to pay a single sen to study at the Ivy League university in the United States.

She will receive financial assistance of up to US$44,000 (RM160,973) a year, inclusive of housing and tuition fees.

"It is indeed a pleasant surprise and I'm looking forward to my freshman year, starting this September," said the 19-year-old A-Level student of Taylor's College.

Kylie from Bangsar, was among eight applicants from Malaysia selected for interviews for two places at Harvard.

She also received an offer from Britain's Cambridge University for her undergraduate studies, but chose to pursue economics in Harvard.

"Harvard is well known for business studies," said Kylie, who scored 8As in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

The announcement for the autumn intake was made at a press conference at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (Macee).

Dr Goh Cheng Teik, who interviewed applicants here on behalf of Harvard University, said applications were not based solely on academic achievements.

"The Harvard admission committee also considers many other criteria such as community service, leadership and extracurricular activities as well as work experience," he said.

He added that applicants would qualify for financial assistance if the combined incomes of their parents did not exceed US$60,000 (RM219,510) a year.


You see kids, this (pretty) girl scored "ONLY" 8 A's for SPM. I reckon 8A's wouldn't qualify you for a JPA scholarship these days. And heck, if a 14A's student doesn't get that JPA scholarship, multitudes of muppets would be screaming foul at racism, and maybe even some hanky panky hocus pocus abracadabra putu mayam.

And the irony is, the supposedly smart ones lose all hope when they don't get the JPA scholarships, those kids start to scream foul play you would think the big bad wolf came along and stole their ice creams. The other day, they were making noise in the papers about the kid in the wheelchair who didn't get the scholarship even though he had 12A's.

Aah, he's disabled, some people scream. Give him the scholarship already!

But you know, I don't think the problem was with his disability. I don't think any disabled person would want to get a scholarship just because they were disabled - that's charity and I know a fair well good amount of them who have more pride than to accept such 'charities'. That said, he shouldn't have gotten the scholarship (which he eventually did) for the simple fact that he applied to do a course which he didn't study in school - a course which was totally irrelevant with regards to those 12A's that he got.

But back to Harvard chick...

I don't worship many people (since I am quite an atasan) but you know, I do worship people like that. It makes me happy for them that they know that a pathetic (by today's standards) 8 A's for SPM will not stop them and they understand that there are much more important things that results, and far more to a person's childhood than just book mugging.


hurray for harvard

your sermon on cthe issue is now complete no? hehehe


go Kylie!

I never bothered to read the news yesterday , as I thought she was just another arrogant girl who scored straight As and get to enter Harvard . After reading the news carefully , heck , she deserved it , don't we just love underbitch....I meant underdog ? XD

Yay..I'm rooting for the harvard bound girl.

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i totally agree with you on this one. not many people have the same kind of tenacity shown by kylie, and not many top scorers think of alternative paths to achieving their dreams. the jpa scholarship isn't the one and only way.

i was also greatly encouraged by the news that one of my juniors, who didn't get straight A1s in spm, applied for a scholarship to iskl for the ib course and was one of the two successful applicants.

kids these days (omg like i'm so old liddat) just don't have the determination and the initiative to do their homework about all the available options out there. they expect to receive information and scholarships on a silver platter. a pretty sorry state of affairs, really.

anyway, thank God for people like kylie and my junior. it's their stories that should be pasted on the front page of the papers as an example and inspiration to school-goers all over malaysia.


keng : My sermon will never be complete.

lishun : It's the damn education system which teaches them that information needs to be spoonfed. Like the idiots who visited my blog looking for JPA scholarships.


Exactly how hot is this harvard chick again?

She's ok la. Her pic is in the newspaper article. Click on the title link.


atasan lancau.

ya kawan. biasanya lancau bila teruja, dia akan naik. boleh dikatakan 'atasan' la tu.

A friend of mine met her at some party once and said she's super friendly and cool.... not at all the serious, geeky nerd you'd expect to get into Harvard. Goes to show that getting 17A1s for SPM just means that you don't have a life. Go Kylie! Oh and apparently she comes from a family of journalists. And her mom died when she was 6. Are they really all high achievers?

I know Kylie. Well not personally, but she goes to my school and I see her playing pool in Asia Club everyday. She's a kickass player! She's also extremely intelligent, articulate and funny. The only thing that article shows is that SPM is no measure of intelligence. Harvard selected her not merely because her ECs were strong (she was CEO of a company at 16) but also because there was no one who deserved it more. Heck, they put that bank negara scholar with 14A1s on the waiting list!

I couldn't agree more with tex. Kylie is by no means the 'underdog'. SPM is a poor poor measure of an individual's intellectual capacities and potential. In my opinion, it merely tests for the capacity to retain information and so-called 'correct' answers. SPM in no way challenges or forces the candidate to think; which should surely be what education is all about shouldn't it? Whilst I do not personally know the bank negara scholar with 14A1s, I'm willing to hazard a guess that she cannot compare when it comes to Kylie's ability to literally 'take any question apart' and answer it analytically and logically. In this sense, Kylie is without equal; and I have seen a lot of very very talented individuals.

CEO of a company!? o.O

That's even harder to achieve than 17A1s. CEO of which company?


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