Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3 sides

I was listening to a new acquiantance bitch about some people I know. People say it is best to take things like that with a pinch of salt, but there was something quite convincing about his sermon that made me believe every single accusation.

In situations like that, people like to say that we should always remember that there are always two sides to a coin and every party will give their own account of a disagreement. Wisdom comes in the most unlikely of sources. I was in a jungle hearing all this when it hit me....Only an idiot says that a coin has 2 sides. It has 3 sides. Head, tail and the side. It's a freaking cylinder! There are THREE surfaces on a cylinder.

And that is where the anology gets even better. There are 3 sides to a coin in every argument - the two parties involved AND the view of a neutral 3rd party observer (one who is literally in between the other two sides).

The point of all this?

Not much actually. I haven't been around for the past few days and I am dead tired but I wanted to tell you mortals out there that your prophet has just realised something that your puny brains aren't capable of figuring out on your own.


a coin has 1 back, 1 front and 1 side.

thank you.


iiiii > the front is known as the head, the back is known as the tail, and the side...is the side.

just so u know, there's a reason why ppl call out 'heads or tails!' when flipping a coin.

oh, and the 'head' is the side with the picture. =)


unless there's a hidden meaning behind your terms 'front' and 'back', that was soooo dumb. hahahhaha-(please note that i didnt deny the possibility of a hidden meaning before planning on flaming me back)-hahahahahilarious!

Vinc... how come u dun reply comments on ur blog anymore?

sugi : Not true, I am replying to you now.

It's not easy to get the coin on the side. And how about if you toast it in the air and catch them in your palm? Chances of getting a side is impossible!

what a co-incidence, my post was talking about salt too..


Nice blog, I like the colours

Have a wonderful weekend!


hijackqueen: if you toast a coin in the air and catch it in your palm, you be more likely to get a 1st degree burn than to get it landing on its side. :P

vincent: you forgot another side to the coin - the inside.

Before anyone accuses me of being corny, I'd just like to point out that the 50 sen coin used to be hollow. One could actually prise open the said coin if one had the right tools.

Of course, that would also mean one ends up out-of-pocket by 50 sen.


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