Monday, May 29, 2006

big fish

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Tersebutlah kisah, seekor ikan besar...

Big fish swimming in tank

Big fish getting caught by Burmese dude

Big fish caught

Big fish trying to escape

Big fish waiting to get fucked

Big fish getting clobbered on the head with steel pipe

Big fish still getting clobbered for the umpteenth time

Big fish getting scales removed when still alive

Big fish's massive half-a-head which weighed 3.4 kg

Big fish's friend in the next tank getting worried


hmmm nice looking grouper.. from the size of fish - it may weigh up to 8 kg.. wonder how much it cost in a sea food restaurant. my biggest grouper grouper so far caught near pulau aur, about 5 kg.. hmmm damn nice .. warghhhhhhhhh lapar...



god knows how much i miss seafood. fish and chips is not proper seafood. i demand to be deported from the UK! =P


sebarau : Dragon grouper it seems. Restaurant bloke said it was slightly over 20 kilos. Man, it was awesome.....

i dun like fish. the only fish i like is ikan kembung coz can fry with kunyit and eat with budu. the bf thinks i bodoh coz only know how to eat cheap fish. lol.

Fishes are food , not friends !!!

Hmm... Cherating? Pak Su Restaurant?

Fish will eventually die without water, so why do they want to wack the poor fish? Cruel leh...

:( thanks to you I won't be able to eat fish for 3 months w/o being reminded of ur post.

I like fish. :(


man... do they show dat to all customers?

~be vegan!!!!~

hahaha like anyone will listen to me!


that grouper is not a native fish. It may be rear somewhere in penang. Heard from my friend, that after the tsunami, a lot of the juvenile - 3-4kg were caught by local nelayan.It can grow up to 50++kg.. mind telling me which sea food restaurant is that?


Comparing the two photos of the fish being clobbered, and with reference to the container of fresh chicken, it appears that the fish tried to escape.

You are very fortunate that the kitchen-hand foiled the escape attempt. Otherwise, no fish head for your lunch. Not even a half-head.


skay : I don't like budu. Smells funny.

hiajck : By the the fish would stink and it wouldn't be fresh.

sugi : No, that was the kitchen.

sebarau : That bloke "Inevitable" above guessed right. Pak Su restaurant in Kuantan.

tigerjoe : Hahahah...You would try to escape too, if someone kept clobbering you on the head with a steel pipe.


compared to how factory deal with those poultry or cattle carcasses, i think your photos are alright :) i love fish therefore i don't eat fish. hehe. the only point i found wrong in those pics is HOW COME THEY PREPARE THE FOOD (FISH) ON THE FLOOR...yyyyyEEEEEwwww they fail to prepare the food in hygienic way = contaminated food. hoho..


dragon grouper... yummmmmm.... it costs over RM90 per kilo here...

mike : That's dirt cheap then. In KL it goes for about RM150/kg. In Kuantan, where we had it, it was RM118/kg.

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