Sunday, May 14, 2006

dear friends

Dear Friends,

If you have been important enough in my life, you would know what is in store for me in the fairly distant future. As you all know, I would soon be exposed to multitudes of AhLians.

I have a small request that I hope you would oblige due to our years of friendship and trust.

If I one day hook up with an AhLian who cannot speak proper English, I ask that you do me a favour and stab me in the eye with an ice pick. It would most probably kill me, but it would definately save my soul.

Of course, you could stab that AhLian instead, but that would result in you getting sent to jail and I do not wish for such a fate to befall on a friend such as yourself. However, if you stab me, I shall write a letter in my own blood saying that I gave you my full authority to do just that.

I hope I am not asking for too much.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Your good friend,

Vincent Lau


you sounded as if ah lians are worse than hell o_O

wtf? you going to work in low yatt or what?

Or I could just take the AhLian off your hands. If you don't mind, of course. :P

my.. someone's allergic to ahlians! :P

you going to Singa-fucking-pore?

Why should you abhor the Ah Lians so much when you are an Ah Beng yourself?

Dude, there's nothin wrong with ahlians. There's tons of things wrong wif ya. Go think about it rather than killing ahlians.

why do you dislike ahlians so much ar? can't speak proper english? um.. you can teach her what?! and um... some ahlians are actually quite cute :P hehe... (to me i think ahlians are those xiao3 tai4 mei4 on streets and sometimes when i am in good mood, i do take them as nice decorations of those streets wa ha ha)



My dear friend,

I would have done you a courtesy and would have relieved you from falling into the fate of marrying an Ah Lian. Unfortunately, due to laws of this country, euthanasia is not legal. Hence and therefore, I must excuse myself from noble duty and would have to leave you to that fate, I pray that you understand. >:)

Your dear friend


Totally random post by you Vincent

What's with all the Ah Lian apologists?

I agree that most of them are only good for one thing and i'm pretty sure Tigerjoe knows what i'm getting at.

Simply put. Ah Lians are just not my type.


Can we make Basic Instinct 3 out of this?

Which reminds me. Was having a chat with my friend's gf which happens to be an Ah Lian.

When i asked her about her claimed 'mixed' heritage, she said "I'm part Thailanese". WTF?! Thailanese...OMG.


Maybe I can help you?

Intro them to me and I can solve your headache....



so...no amber chia for you?


which ah lian took u to her bedroom?


Wow...new word...Thailanese!!

Seriously, how do you define ah lians and ah bengs..i think you should come up with a post for this..heehee


Since you are the one who is going to marry the ahlian, we are not so stupid to commit a crime. Congratulation to you, Ah lian's husband!!!

Banana man mocking Ah Lians. I wouldn't be suprised.

I tawt I taw kids who might want green fanta go whooshing by. :P


What do you call a chinese woman who can't speak proper English? Do you address her as an ah lian too?

Yes ah lians aint my cuppa tea as i'm also pretty much brought up abroad and converse in different foreign languages. But i dont think they deserved to be put down like this haha. I'm not sure how they're defined an Ah Lian or Ah Beng, is it the dress code or is it the english proficiency?

As far as im concerned, here in KL, dressing is whacked anyways, freaking hot n humid, aint gonna get to wear any layers or jacket, not even wear a proper suit but everyone's got their own dressing sense right.

Just like what one of the commenters said, what if shes chinese and cant speak english that well = Ah Lian, maybe a Korean or Jap that doesnt speak english that well = Ah Lian, i dont the terminology works that way right.

Anyways cheers m8, just my 2 cents.


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