Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the looney theory, part 2

Some idiot asked me yesterday whether I thought there was something wrong with the government.

Of course there's something wrong. However, I would struggle to name a single government in the world where there isn't 'something wrong' with them. Of course, this post comes just shortly after TNB raised their tariff, but before the average kiamsiap idiot gets to complain about it tomorrow in their blog and at work. And it would rain gold tomorrow if nobody blames the gomen and maybe even my pet goldfish for the price hike.

So, yes, there's something wrong with the government - they do not do enough to shut idiots up. Too many racist pricks. Too many fundamentalists (whatever the fuck that means). Too many hypocrites. Too many shit talkers. Too many kiamsiap vampires.

Of course I have many looney theories on how I can solve all that stuffs, but that would be a story for another day. I was watching American Idol just now, when I saw that Chris bloke. He kinda reminded me of a kid in primary school called Chris too. Primary school Chris was as hairy as an ape though. Anyway, that hairy ape once told me, "If you become the prime minister of Malaysia, I will run away and leave the country."

Now, not one to hold a grudge, I figured it would nonetheless be fun to be the PM and take him up on his bold proclaimation. Besides, being PM would be fun since I get to do all sort of cool things and more importantly, I get to actually run the country as and how I see fit (and kill some people in the process).

I figure, it's not exactly an easy thing to wrest over power from the current government, so my first step would be to make money, like loads and loads and heaps of cash. How I plan to do that however, is none of your business since I can't have you stealing my ideas. But the plan is to emulate that Thaksin Shinawatra bloke.

Steps to become a PM:

1) Have loads of money.
2) Pay exisiting MPs to join your party which you conveniently name Malaysians Love Malaysia.
3) Build roads and give people money from your own pocket, way before election time.
4) Win the general election.
5) Celebrate with a Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue.

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notice how the gahmen-haters always pop out when the gahmen a)increases the pices of commodities, b)builds a new road/bridge/building/project, c)announces the Nth Malaysia Plan, or d)doesn't do anything.

yesterday i saw a comment on a blog abt how Malaysia was so 'bad and corrupted compared to other countries', and how (the author of the comment) didn't want to stay in Malaysia, when two sentences earlier he says (quote)"when will these people learn to build their own country?"

interesting, isn't it? =)


eh, one more thing....isn't TNB privatised already?
so is it the gahmen's fault that they raised prices? despite the fact that the gahmen could actually have a bit of say in it?

or perhaps it's just reflecting the increased oil prices from the middle east. eh, what say we do like saddam and try to take over kuwait and its oil fields for ourselves? hahahaha.


i'll vote for Malaysians Love Malaysia...after i got the cash, of course

Jin : HAHAHA....so bad and corrupted compared to other countries? OMG, that fella is an idiot man. Why not we just ship him to Brazil and show him what bad and corrupted is really about.

To me, every price increase has its reasons and it causes a domino effect in the economy (duh). Those who only think that its just a way for orang atas earning extra pocket money, they should just shut up and don't act smart.


I only want the last step. Can? :D
Everyone's gonna get started about the TNB hike and you're gonna smash their faces to pulp again.
Not looney enough. Fail. ;)


People who want cheap petrol and electricity should consider migration to a Democratic Socialist Republic.

I can recommend a few if anybody wants.


Before you all display your ignorance and embarass yourselves, you all might want to read this first instead.



I'll vote for you if you'll subsidise the price of ice-cream.

nb : THe problem with idiots like you is you take everything you read on JeffOoi to be the gospel truth. How do you know that I am the one embarassing myself, and not Jeff? I have read Jeff's article and I can honestly tell you that that is not the full story that he presented you.

Well if that's the case, why don't you enlighten the rest of us about the full story ? Debunk and challenge jeff ooi's article, call his bluff then.

Otherwise, I'll just regard what you said as 'hot air'.


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