Monday, May 01, 2006

of pretentiousness

At some function the other day...

Pretty waitress : Would you like wine or beer?

Vincent : Beer please. And after that some whiskey would do just fine...

Pretty waitress : How about you, sir? Beer or wine?

Slyvester : What wine is that? I want to see the bottle..

*inspects the label carefully*

Slyvester : Aaahh....Cabinet Sawvinon. Yes, I want some.

And then, as you would expect Slyvester then proceeded to sniff around the glass, hovering it so close to his nose that some of his nose hair might have dropped right in. He swirls the glass so much you would think he's trying to create a storm in a teacup (pardon the bad joke). The yuppie then proceeds to take another whiff of the cabinet before finally deciding that his tongue is ready for all that rotten grape.

Slyvester : Errgh! Scuse me! Scuse ME!

Waitress : Yes, sir?

Slyvester : This wine is not cold enough. Give me some ice.

*plonks 4 cubes of ice into the wine glass*

Vincent : Dude...what the fuck are you doing?

Slyvester : This wine is too warm.

Vincent : SO!?!? That doesn't mean you plonk ice into your wine!!

Slyvester : No la. It's meant to be like that. For beer, you don't put ice. But for wine, you are meant to use ice to chill it.

Vincent : No way!

Slyvester : Yes, trust me. I always drink wine.

Vincent : Eh, red wine is supposed to be drank at room temperature la. Ok, you can argue that room temperature in France and places like that is 15 degrees....so you are supposed to chill it in a bloody ice bucket!

Slyvester : Oh, ice bucket is ok, but ice cubed are preferred.

Vincent : Alrite. I've learnt a new lesson today.

I am proud of myself. I have learnt to control my anger and not shout at idiots. It is a skill which I believe would prove useful in the months to come.


Yup, we're also damn prouda u . Keep it up bro.

What an idiot! He acts all pretentious but ends up making an ass of himself.

I'm quite a wine drinker myself and never have i heard of anyone 'plonking' ice cubes into their glasses of wine to cool it.

Actually if most people knew how to hold a wine glass properly, it bloody wouldn't keep getting warmed up.

You're right when you say that red wine is supposed to be drank at room temperature.

Which made me cringe when he says "it's meant to be like that".


too much exposure to idiot school kids i reckon

I don't think wine myself , but plonking ice into it just so....wrong , I don't know what to say about your friend . -_-"

Ahhh... wine on the rocks is so haute coutoure. NOT.

wine and ICE?

Don't think that's right..


HAHAHA. OMG. Usually, when stuffs like this happen in front of me, I'd go "Typical ah beng style..all also put ice" regardless of whether he's really an ah beng or not.

yungjie : Not.my.friend.

tiger : You pretentious cow...what hotay cowtour?

skay : Confirmed ah-beng.


How. unbelievably. thick.

That's like saying beer should be drank warm, not ice-cold.

Yes, I hate warm beer. =P


i once went to a pretty nice chinese restaurant for dinner and the little chinaman who was going around putting ice into everyone's tea decided that my brother's beer needed a cube. he wasn't too pleased.

but i would love to have a friend like yours. he will unintentionally provide entertainment for you and your friends whenever all of you go out. he will also be the star of most of the classic stories that you and your friends tell and laugh to over and over again.


ahhahhaha~! it never ceases to amaze me how people are so perasan bagus all the time. pple who dunno shit but pretend they do are sometimes ok. pple who dunno shit, dun wanna learn, and try to convince pple they are rite are fckin annoying.

WAHAHAHA! Oh yeah babeh, ice in wine is like, the norm in uh, ahbengsville. That's why lah dude, it's meant to be like that wan. *LMAO*

This is almost as pathetic as you see a guy sipping on the top of his beer glass with a straw as if he's sipping on a mocktail or something.

Then again if he gets the tab, I am fucking fine with it.


i am surprised you did not debate on the term room temperature being 15C in France.....being an engineer and all that.

From Wikipedia..
Room temperature, in laboratory reports, is taken to be roughly 21–23 degrees Celsius (69-73 degrees Fahrenheit), or 294–296 kelvin.

so i dont think its a matter of which country are you in....and by the way...rooms in France are not kept at 15C.....think those Frenchie would catch a cold in that temp.


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