Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have learnt a great deal of patience. I have learnt not to get angry at inanimate objects. The other day my car got stalled and I laughed through the whole ordeal. My friend commented that I seemed pretty calm inspite of shit happening. I reckon I've learnt to be calm in a lot of situations. My next personal goal is to stay calm when an idiot talks to me. My second goal would be to avoid blogs written by shitheads.

I heard that that Takeshi Kanina guy is as gay as a busload of hippies. Apparently, he was photographed feeding some bloke pastries on his hotel balcony. This confirms my belief that pretty boys usually swing both ways. Jay Chou, anyone?

Hafiz is a shithead. It's one thing to lose if you aren't quite good enough. It's another thing to bend over and let people gang rape your ass without so much as a fight. I don't blame that kid who lost. He's just not very good. And even so, he did try to fight back. Hafiz has a mind weaker than an 85 year old cock. THREE misjudgements within 10 points?!?! You're a fucking professional, you twat.

Damn you Amber Chia! WHY, why do you have to go and get a speaking role in an advertisement?!?! We are all content with your pretty face and awesome body...no need to spoil the fantasy by announcing to the whole country that you are nothing more than an AhLian. Of all the 'beauty queens' we had, only one could speak proper English. Too bad she was quite a fatty, though.

Some kid told me the other day that I didn't seem to like realistic social commentaries, or some mumbo jumbo phrase which I really can't remember. Therefore, I shall repeat what I said on another site. Our mainstream news is pretty crappy. But if you compare Star and NST with JeffOoi and Malaysiakini - it's a different lie, but pretty much the same bullshit. Oh wow, you read JeffOoi, you know something I don't. Way to go, genius. I wonder what they feed kids in schools these days.

Quote of the week : Green fanta, anyone?


I can't agree more with you on Amber Chia....WTF!!! OMFG!!! i think some ah lians speak better english. Anwyays i prefer Hannah Tan much much more.

I don't see how "beautiful" Ambia Chia is , and I still believe most people are blind . She made me puke .

Also I pity some people claimed that JeffOoi , LKS or even MalaysiaKini are an "eye-opening" sites , wow they sure stuck under the rut for quite some time .


current beauty queen quite hot. and speaks well too. heh

Jeff Ooi is a poor man's CNN.

The Italian wrote a song about wannabe Americans called Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano. Listen to it and picture Jeff, your friendly neighbourhood freedom fighter. It will give you a good laugh on a rainy day.


WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA............you heard the advert too? SUCKS LIKE MAD. I'm sorry but I think if you give a 5 year old kid at the kindergarten the job, she'd prolly speak better and more fluently.

And the bloody 3 misjudgements. I was like, WTF man...stop taking risk at that part of the court. Bloody dumbass. Didn't he learn anything from his trainings?



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