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the uninformed malaysian

Recalcitrant Malaysians have been screaming all day blaming everybody from the government, the IPPs, TNB and even Petronas for the price hike. As usual, they got it all wrong. Yes, someone is to be blamed, but unfortunately, the screams I have heard today have all been aimed at the wrong party. If only you guys knew the full story.........

Speaking of full stories and the inability of the press to deliver full stories, our god-papa of online journalism, Sir Jeff Ooi has today wrote an article which Malaysians have taken heart to till the extent that some idiot left a comment in my previous post to ask me to go read it. A lot of people questioned why I considered The Star and JeffOoi as being a 'different lie, but same bullshit'.

While the Star did an awesome job today in trying to convince people that all was well and jolly, Jeff Ooi applied Newton's 3rd Law (equal and opposite reaction) and convinced everybody that apocalyse was upon us. Ergo, different lie. So how about the same bullshit part? Well, since you are all convinced that the Star and other mainstream papers are bullshit anyway, then I should need no effort trying to reiterate that fact. But Jeff Ooi? "Oh, a LITTLE BIRD told me this. Oh another LITTLE BIRD told me that."


Funnily enough, most people consider the bloke to be a very credible journalist and nobody questions the figures and the statistics he plucked from the mouths of his little birds. You would think that a person with 8000 page views a day would do some thorough research before blogging something, but no....Sir Jeff has managed to stupefy me today with some half baked research.

There are also emerging IPPs using coal coming on-stream in the blood-sucking party soon, namely

1. Tanjung Bin -- To be commissioned September 2006; PPA 25 years; 25 more years to expiry

I am sorry, Uncle Jeff, but Tanjung Bin is the name of the power plant NOT the IPP. It's called the Tanjung Bin Power Plant and it is located in Tanjung Bin, hence the name. The IPP in question here, the one who owns Tanjung Bin is none other than Malakoff which he had earlier named as an IPP. This is no mistake folks, because he goes on to say...

It is to be noted that except for Second Generation IPPs, the first 5 IPPs charge all its capacity to TNB. In comparison, Tanjong Bin and Jimah exert a 85% capacity charge.


If I remember correctly, TNB's net profit in 2005 was RM1.5 billion. It's in the papers anyway. But TNB's payment to Tanjong Bin alone when the coal-powered IPP is fully operational is about RM1.2 to RM1.5 billion.

Balanced account, you may say, with just payment to one IPP alone.

Here I have two bones to pick. First, it is blinking obvious that Jeff thinks that Tanjung Bin is an IPP, which it is NOT. Now, if an article cannot do a simple thing like getting the name of the IPP right, how on earth is it possible for us to trust his statistics and numbers which he seemingly plucked out of the air?

Secondly, his argument is incredibly ridiculous. He says that TNB's profit of RM1.5 billion would be fully paid to Malakoff (or, if not mistaken, Teknik Janakuasa which is a subsidary of Malakoff that would run Tanjung Bin Power Station). Our dear papa-blogger however forgot to take into account the money TNB would receive from selling all that electricity to the consumers!

And you know the thing that probably peeves me.....even more than that MENJ bloke? MENJ is a certified looney. No sane person reads what he writes and takes it to heart. But most Jeff Ooi readers, most of the 8000 or so everyday go to his site, read it, read the comments and take it as a gospel truth. And that, is scary. I shall stop at bashing his (inaccurate) facts, and move on to the responsibility part of it.

If you want to run a 'social commentary' website, then surely you have enough knowledge to know the right from wrong, no matter what perspective you look at. There are times when the comments from readers are so ridiculous it is actually funny to read.....

I don't understand the economics of this. If there are more power coming in as projected, then shouldn't TNB encourage power usage by cutting the rates??? What is the point of increasing rates and having even more excess capacity which TNB will still have to pay for?

Best solution is to sell all TNB power station to raise money, or close down most of its power station, dismantle and sent overseas to power hungry countries like china, Indonesia, vietnam, Myanmar, bangladesh and india.

Encourage power usage? More power = cheaper rates!??? WTF?! Do these people believe that selling electricity is like selling fish in the market?

Surely the purpose of a 'social commentary' website is to educate people? So when someone makes a ridiculous comment that is read by 8000 people who might actually believe it, then surely the webmaster has a responsibility to educate such people? Or if he feels he is not qualified to moderate such comments, technical or otherwise, then surely it is not his place to blog about an issue he knows NOTHING about?

I am peeved because the only time Jeff moderates the comments is when someone makes a racist statement and he is afraid the police would press charges against him. But when someone says something that misleads and gives people wrong information, our Freedom of Speech Champion chooses to do nothing about it. There is a huge difference between allowing and respecting contradicting opinions and allowing INACCURATE AND UNSENSIBLE NONSENSE.

The average Malaysian complains about pretty much anything under the sky but now with the astronaut programme, the scope has widened to pretty much anything under the stars.

The average Malaysian demands that we become a first world country, but refuses to pay first world rates.

The average Malaysian blames everybody but himself.

The average Malaysian does not arm himself with facts, but chooses to arm himself with conspiracy theories.

The average Malaysian is uninformed and rely on stories from their colleagues at work, or their next-door neighbour and for some reason take those stories to be an accepted gospel truth.

The average Malaysian would read this and get angry with me, but didn't realise that I never sided with the government this time around.


Bravo dude. Nice piece.

*thumbs up*

Very informative. I suppose your current engineering job more or less is related so you have 'insider' information.


I'm not the average Malaysian, and that's sad.

But then again, I'm not in Malaysia atm, and I figure everyone'll be bitching about it back home without me.

Plus, Jeff Ooi is a good source of information, but not an entirely accurate one. His writing is too convoluted to appear in an actual journalistic publication. The people just need to be educated about lack of credibility of blogger-citizenjournos, who operate with an entirely different set of regulating forces.


nice writeup, but you should understand the difference between a newspaper & a blog. (malaysian newpapers dont count -they write biased nonsense anyway).

blogs are meant for open discussion, & little birds are tentitavely unreliable, but early source.

malaysians are not complaning about a mac book pro because a mbp is a top of the line notebook, they dont complain about a benz or a bmw, even its expensive.

what they complain is price over quality issues. They complain about the slow internet & the frequent power outages without compensation.

so, it does not matter if the facts are right or wrong, the general public already knows that the tariff goes up because someone did not do their homework.

For eg, why are 60% of the population paying RM 40 a month fixed rate?

why are kampongs have free motorbike charging?

why 'setinggans' have power supply with astro and 40 inch tv & most share their electricity?

why cost cutting measures not taken 5-10 years ago. They predicted (i would say 'know') the rates will increase.

So, If malaysians are to shut up, have first class people on board & prove they could deliver a 1st class quality.

Anyway, good job & keep it up.


Good job. About time someone expose and discredit that fraudster.

"The average Malaysian demands that we become a first world country, but refuses to pay first world rates."

You must be joking. Explain to me, thanks, on a dollar-to-dollar basis, how Malaysia is so much cheaper to live in than say, Singapore, or London.
Let me blow your uninformed theory right out of the water. On a dollar-to-dollar basis, we pay more for Shitmyx than the Singaporeans do for their broadband. They pay Sing $128 a month for unlimited access at 25Mbps. Meanwhile, Shitmyx costs RM88 a month for "1Mbps" that we all know is actually closer to 256kbps - if you're lucky.

So - we pay first world rates. But get third world service. No wonder people are unhappy. Not just that - cars, houses, even public transport are just as pricey here as in many first-world countries, on a dollar-to-dollar basis (in fact, cars are more expensive). So I don't see why Malaysians shouldn't complain when we pay first-world rates and get shoddy third world treatment.

"The average Malaysian is uninformed and rely on stories from their colleagues at work, or their next-door neighbour and for some reason take those stories to be an accepted gospel truth."

'tis true, but only because the local media is so hopeless no one bothers to believe it. When people can't get legitimate news from the source, they turn to rumours. And who can blame them? Reading the NST or Berita Harian and you could swear you're reading the Malaysian version of Pravda.

So when you call others "uninformed" apparently you're just as uninformed as the rest of us. Welcome to the club, "mate".


vincent. this is tanjung bin.



although it's owned by malakoff, it's a separate company. 10% is still owned by EPF.







Hi. Very Interesting. I'm back reading your blog.

Apart from getting it wrong that Tanjung Bin is a IPP, what other credible argument do you make? Getting more money from selling more power? That premise is dumb unless demand for power just shoots up tremendously and that is not going to happen.
First TNB does not need this additional power now. The reserve margin is going to shoot well above 40% and closer to 50% once the Tanjung Bin and Jimah plants are up an running. That is extra power being generated and paid for but not used. In other words, money down the drain. Just like your point of view.


Bro, the last bit of your post sounds like the stereotypical malaysian post I did a few months back.

In which case, you should probably mention that the average malaysian is a kiam sap bastard who wants higher wages but insists on freebies. On everything.


oi why you no comment on ducky praise the gamen, i dedicate special to you ! yoda also misses your nice comments.

i see you dont do gamen bashing, but some sort of bashing. i cant really tell the difference. somehow only you can.


A Democratic Socialist Republic, anyone?

Green fanta, anyone?


So the child prodigy has demonstrated he is a buffoon again.

Please read and respond to this you genius.


Let's see you rebutt the facts, smart aleck.


" Malakoff Berhad holds a 90% equity in Tanjung Bin Power, with the remaining 10% owned by Employee Provident Fund (EPF). "

So genius, who's the uninformed Malaysian now ? Jeff has pummelled this piece of yours by re-enforcing his facts and figures.

What have you done ? You provided no backed up documented facts, merely ad hominem attacks on Jeff ooi.

So who's the idiot now ?


Tigerjoe : I duwan Green Fanta can?

In my opinion, the sea is deeper than everyone think it is. Not even the LITTLE BIRD will know how deep is it. It's not just all about the figures.

And btw, usually people associate Little Birds with rumours so I'm quite confused.


Even with documented pdf facts presented, S-kay can still argue that "It's not just all about the figures. "

S-kay just wants to defend her ignorant friend, even at the cost of showing her own ignorance and naiveness.

She will make a good sycophant.
She makes blondes and bimbos intelligent by comparison.


Perhaps...intelligent as you may think you are, you should note that I was not even forming any sort of argument and that I said, "It's not JUST all about the figures". Sometimes, not everyone interpret facts in similar ways.

And I'm glad I make blondes and bimbos intelligent by comparison. It's always good to be able to help others =)


S-Kay: The green fanta's not for you princess; want a proper adult drink instead?

My fart has got more credibility & honesty than any little bird.

The fact that people would believe Old Man Jeff needs to rebut a 21-yr old says something. The fact that people believe Jeff is bona fide says something else altogether. :P


Yeah...share some with me...I need something decent to drink with all these entertainment going on ;)

The average malaysian also likes to bitch as an anonymous brat sometimes... sheesh..

occasionally you need to drink beer and relax, and not be so impulsive.

Beer is not relaxing. It makes you even more impulsive.

You are giving your friend bad advice.
A drunk vincent lau will result in him exposing his ignorance even more.

Of course, s-kay will be there to defend him when needed.


skay = vincent's bouncer



Okay, so you picked the bones. How about something positive for a change?

Jeff's ain't Mr Perfect, and I'm sure neither are you.

If you're THAT balanced in opinion, let's here from you which of the facts from Jeff's blogs are accurate and that meet your high standards?


Don't be silly to expect this fella to pick anything positive about people who criticize govt.

He's a strong beneficiary of the cronyism system and will defend the government policies all the way because it benefits his parents and him.

His family will never feel the pinch from oil and power tariff hikes.


ha ha... never feel the pinch? make me wonder what occupations of his parents are... um... work for government and with petrol subsidy?? do the government provide this kind of job? wa haha... anyway, i do think vincent lau is great :) luck~~~


the government develop a policy after lots of consideration... it must be somewhat beneficial to us or our country...ok maybe there is a bit unfair for non-aborigines... nothing we should complain about... um... if you are really unsatisfied over what current government does, ok... vote your precious vote to whatever party you prefer next time :P


This is not your first "Anti Anti-establishment" post, nor are your comments (even in other sites) your first in "bashing the bashers".

Originally, I found those "Anti Anti-establishment" views of yours refreshing. Made me pause and go "Hey, am I guilty of joining the Malaysian herd and jumping the critique gun too?"

After enough searching, I'll still stick to my guns thank you.

When you do your "bashing the basher" thing, the problem is you do exactly just that. You do not spend as much effort defending the original subject of discontent as a whole, as much as you do scoping in on micro-portions and picking it apart.

Granted, I give that to you. You're good at that. But so are the many lawyers who thrive on technicalities and skirt around the real issue.

Whether you're right or not about Jeff's/Marc's/MYKini's/AnnoyedCitizen's credibility or impartiality, pussyfooting is still pussyfooting.

TWO: (More subjective)
In your zeal to position yourself as "impartial" and take an alternative view to the "alternative view" crowd, your reactions to whatever their rants seem to betray that you are no longer open minded. Simply because you do not want to be associated with the herd?

At least the herd is sincere.

- Intentionally refusing acknowledgement that complaints are about EXISTING, OBVIOUS, REAL AND PRESENT problems/mismanagement.
- Watering down the seriousness of problems/issues.
- Doing the "Did you know that in UK healthcare is 10x worse? What do you backwater bumpkins even know?"

Don't all that paraphrase to "You got a point?"


I recognize that Malaysians, myself included, buy easily into views critical of Malaysia. Stop to think why.

Ungrateful? Maybe. Unjustified? NO.

At the end of the day, I am one discontent and disillusioned citizen. If you really think it's because of something JeffOOi or Dr. M said, you have seriously underestimated the power of 1st hand experiences.


Well said Metal! You said it exactly as it is !

Did someone mention "1st hand experience"? LOLOLOLOLOL

The problem with most "urban middle class" people is that they see one thing and think they've seen it all. The younger ones are even worse; they read a few blogs written by armchair pundits and think they know everything there is to know about what ails the world / country / your local neighbourhood.

I'll tell you what's wrong with Malaysia. The problem with Malaysia is that it's full of Malaysians.

Last call for green fanta.


if vincent becomes the President, then

skay & paul tan = his cronies
becoz he encourages inter-racial marriages & damn syok mixed kids

ahlians & ahbengs = his outcast
as per his bashings on them on his previous post

vincent = minishut's blow (brew) up boys

vincent is trying to be the next Abraham lincoln since his philosophy for racial harmony is inter-racial marriages as stated again on his previous post, who knows rite?

but the outside world gonna spit his face becoz he is banana chinese, not only he cannot speak chinese, but he bashing chinese who cant speak proper english, just becoz he have few yrs experience in the UK, akin to the saying, taking ppl's butt as his face becoz as a chinese, he idolizes English language and bashing own chinese race. The End.


But I LIKE that blog. It's brilliant - funny, informative, and has lots of Little Worms...

Oh wait, we're not talking about daftoi.blogspot.com? Darn. That dude rocks harder than any little bird.


tigerjoe > i want green fanta! and throw in a double vodka into it for me. =D
anyway, i tend to side with you on that issue...like the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. you just don't see the snakes from where you're standing. true, malaysia's full of holes. but come on, which country isn't? singapore? the US? UK? usually it's only the locals who know just how far down the rabbit hole goes.


With the Internet connections... why on earth would you compare us to Singapore anyway?! Is it the proximity? We're not on equal footing. To compare Australia and Singapore is more like it. And Australia's ISPs lose easily to the so-called Shitmyx. We pay first world rates? *snort* And Vincent isn't even relying on them, so... what was your point again? Oh, you didn't have one. Someone pass the green fanta to that anonymous genius.

Apparently, defending someone's POV is wrong, ESPECIALLY if you're a friend. Even if you make sense. How does that work out? And why do people enjoy shooting the messenger so much? That's like bashing a kid for no apparent reason after a hard day at work. Ridiculous.


Oh, by 'them', I meant the local media.

tigerjoe: at this rate, greenfantas will run out of stock lah. but that 1st hand experience statement is fucking hilarious, that i agree.

by the way, i just re-read one of the comments above....and what drew my attention was the one which quoted "cars, houses, even public transport are just as pricey here as in many first-world countries, on a dollar-to-dollar basis (in fact, cars are more expensive)"

sure, on a DOLLAR-TO-DOLLAR BASIS. but when you factor in the currency exchange, it's waaaayyyy more. ok, so that was hitting below the belt. but then, let's take housing as an example - in the UK, you can get a house for 200,000 pounds, but the size/quality of the house is....let's just say that dollar-for-dollar, you can get a MUCH better house in malaysia.

and to the guy who says vince is bashing chinese, christ, man! that post was like, HOW LONG AGO? LOL. no offence, seriously...but please stick to the topic on hand.


I agree with you...

Malaysians are in general like to "jump to conclusions"....

But they have to beware.....

Freedom of speech is a double edged sword.......

So if any one of us asserts something, you better back it up with facts....


As a fellow malaysian that has spent years abroad with my studies and working in 3 differing continents (US,Europe and Asia) and i've just touched down back home in KL again after many many years of absence. You've gotta admit we made progress and things are different here in KL now, compared to what it was 6 years ago. Anyways my point is to say to those that thinks the grass is greener on the other side , i.e in other countries, it aint. Like someone mentioned earlier, you dont see snakes where you're standing. All those time spent abroad opened my eyes to many things of course but Malaysia aint that bad, every country has their problems and thats the truth.

I don't side with Vincent nor anyone here who's against his views. I have been a silent observer who's here for some "interesting discussions" on the issue, but i must say something about Jin's comment.

Jin, you were right about the housing part (houses in Malaysia are cheaper than many countries). Yet, you throwing in the exchange rate ( "...but when you factor in the currency exchange, it's waaaayyyy more") kinda got on my nerves because it sounded so much like my Singaporean colleagues.

They always come into Malaysia to eat and shop, and after converting the prices back to SGD, they would comment on how cheap our stuffs are as compared to Singapore, and made it sound as if Malaysians are so lucky in getting all those cheap cheap cheap stuffs. They always go "oh, EVERYTHING in Malaysia is so cheap cheap cheap... you know, that seafood dinner i had for 10 persons only cost SGD150, while in Singapore would have cost us nearly SGD300..." bla bla bla...

I couldn't get them to realize one thing: in Singapore, you earn SGD3000 and you pay SGD3 for a bowl of noodles, but in JB (i can't say for other places), you earn RM3000 but you gotta pay RM4 to RM6 for the same portion of noodles. And the sad thing is -- the same job position that gives you SGD3000 in Singapore will not get you RM3000 in JB. The salary is much lower. So Malaysians, or at least the JB people, don't have it any easier like what they think.

I know you didn't claim that we are living easier lives, and there are things in Malaysia that are indeed cheaper even comparing it on a dollar-to-dollar basis (such as housing as you've mentioned), but it isn't necessarily wrong of Anonymous in comparing something on a dollar-to-dollar basis because the salary we earn as compared to some other countries is in fact on a dallor-to-dollar basis. So we are using more percentage of our earnings to get the same things, but not necessarily of the same quality. And yes, i do agree with you that the same can be said the other way around for things like housing when making similar dollar-to-dollar comparison.

Anyway, i admit that i'm one of those "shameless" JB person who earns SGD and spends in JB, and inadvertently helps to push up the prices in JB. Erm, and i think i'm off-topic. So i guess i should just shut up and go back being a silent observer.


three quarters of the comments here are longer than my blog posts....

even longer than mine...-.-"

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